Solomon Masala

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Groove Elixir: The Medicine of Rhythm

Why watch this one?

This is a delightful conversation with Solomon about the universal impact of rhythm for opening individuals and groups into joy and heartspace together, even in the workplace!  Rhythm connects all of us to our heartbeats, our humanity, our common heritage of drumming and rhythm, and our innate desire to connect.

This is a fun conversation with someone who is making a beautiful difference in the lives of those lucky enough to experience his "groove elixir!"


Tapping into 25 years professional experience and an engaging magnetism, Solomon Masala delivers the antidote to the usual team development and people training. He’s pioneered a captivating blend of experiential, innovative processes, designed to get people ignited for excellence, have an inspiring time doing it, and sustain breakthrough learning for the long run. His programs are masterfully experiential; meaning, people get up out of their seats, they experience, they engage, and they ‘do’ what’s being learned. Learning not only sticks and keeps expanding after the training, excellence gets hard-wired. Whether it’s people and organizational development processes, interactive keynotes, corporate training, or large scale interactive rhythm programs, Solomon brings dynamic potency, passion, and playfulness to the learning.