Silvia Nakkach

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Why Music? Making Music as the Architecture of Quantum Listening

Heads up:

For some unknown reason, the video from this conversation (and two of the others on the summit) was either not saved by GoToWebinar or was not stored with the recording.  I worked with GTW for over a week about this, be we were unable to restore the video track.

The audio works, though, so we can at least LISTEN to the interview..

Could this be some sort of cosmic permission for you to now move around a little, get away from your computer for a while and enjoy your liberation from the tiny little screen?!? 

One cool thing is that, in essence, you can get an immense amount of value from this anyway.  Maybe even more if you relax, turn your eyes off for a while, and Listen carefully.

Maybe it's just a little nudge that the unexpected is part of the deal and that, underneath, maybe it's all about the sound anyway... 

Aho! and Enjoy....

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Silvia's Vox Mundi site.


Silvia Nakkach MA, MMT, is a Grammy-nominated musician and a vocal artist that has cultivated a voice that transports the listeners into the heart of devotion. A former psychotherapist and a leading authority in the field of sound in consciousness transformation, Silvia holds a vision of music as a vehicle for healing and social change. An accredited specialist in cross-cultural sound and music therapies, Silvia has been the creator of the premier Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts Certificate program offered by an academic institution (CIIS), and she is a faculty and a consultant for the Sound Institute Certificate at the NY Open Center. In addition, Silvia directs Voice Schools in Brazil, Japan, India, and across the US. She is the founder and artistic director of the International Vox Mundi School of the Voice. She has released 16 CD albums, and among many other books and scholarly papers, she is the author of Free Your Voice.