Phyllis Douglass

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Cultivating Your Sound Signature: "Creating Your World From Within"



Soul Alchemy Song - “In the Midst of Ascent” with Vox Angelus, the “Voice of the Angels"

"In the Midst of Ascent” was divinely inspired from the realm of the Angels, to be used for the clearing of ones etheric field and energy within the physical body, and for space clearing to create sacred space for spiritual practices, healing, or for general overall wellbeing. Calling in your Angels and nonphysical guides, and the 7 directions - North, East, South, West, Source/Creator/God, the Earth Mother, and establishing you as a pillar of light and love between Heaven and Earth.


Phyllis Douglass, known as Vox Angelus the “Voice of the Angels”, serves as a conduit for quantum light codes and frequencies transmitted as an intelligent force, through her voice. With a deeply sensitive and intuitive nature, and directed intent, she can cultivate and transmit the specific tonal frequencies needed to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation to the listener, or affect circumstances around the world through remote transmission.

When listened to, these ancient codes and frequencies are translated and assimilated on a cellular, DNA level, to energetically clear imbalances, trauma, negative patterns, beliefs, and influences; and transmit energetic frequencies, light, and information.

Phyllis sees private clients, records prescriptive Sound Alchemy music, and performs group transmissions and Sound Meditations, using her voice and a variety of sacred and indigenous instruments.