Pamela Bruner

Interview topic:

Music for Resilience: Using music to move forward powerfully on goals

Pamela is a trained musician who, several years ago, listened to and acted on the call of her deeper yearnings.  She left her career playing the harp and became a successful business coach helping others step into their power and pursue their dreams.  She uses her musicality in her coaching seminars and events, and has a lot to say about the mood-altering substance of music as a useful and enjoyable tool to have in business and in life.

"There was also a discovery of musical patterns that delighted me. I remember the first time I did a certain pattern that's called a deceptive cadence, where you go to the 6 chord instead of a 1 chord as, it's like 'this is the most magical thing ever!'and of course you know it's very common, but to me there was this incredible discovery and that sort of parallels, I think, the discovery, the aha's that we have when we learn new things about ourselves or our world or our businesses, or how to effect our goals."


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Pamela Bruner is a business coach, author, speaker, and online marketing strategist. A former professional musician and singer, she built a 7-figure coaching business in just three years, supporting transformational leaders to expand their reach. Pamela is the co-author of “Tapping Into Ultimate Success,” a book and DVD with Jack Canfield, creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”