Maureen McCarthy

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How to Wire Your Brain for Amplification

Maureen McCarthy - Maureen is one of the most amazing people I've ever known, not only because of her brilliance, creativity and love of life, but also because of the fact that her body is wracked with high levels of pain on an ongoing basis, she's had a migraine at a pretty high level for 25 years going, she has 10% of her lung capacity and was given 3 years to live 25 years ago.  But you would never detect any of this from talking to her other than her oxygen support.

She has taken her situation and been stunningly creative with it, developing innovative ways to explore and redesign our relationships with ourselves and others.  Her more recent work entails doing a deep dive into our minds to redesign our approaches to situations and experiences, and find new ways to celebrate every moment, even as we don't know how many we have left.

Heads up:

For some unknown reason, the video from this conversation (and two of the others on the summit) was either not saved by GoToWebinar or was not stored with the recording.  I worked with GTW for over a week about this, be we were unable to restore the video track.

The audio works, though, so we can at least LISTEN to the interview..

Could this be some sort of cosmic permission for you to now move around a little, get away from your computer for a while and enjoy your liberation from the tiny little screen?!? 

One cool thing is that, in essence, you can get an immense amount of value from this anyway.  Maybe even more if you relax, turn your eyes off for a while, and Listen carefully.

Maybe it's just a little nudge that the unexpected is part of the deal and that, underneath, maybe it's all about the sound anyway... 

Aho! and Enjoy....


Access Maureen's gift here.

The Neuroscience of Collaboration EBOOK

Our brains have two main functions that have emerged through millions of years of evolution—to connect us for growth, and to keep us safe. We call these two neural networks the Connected Brain and the Safety Brain. The development of our society has made the Safety Brain our first and main mode of interaction with the world. In keeping the Connected Brain as a secondary mode, we restrict our creativity, productivity, and resiliency.

It's time to learn how to quiet the Safety Brain, and use it to gain greater clarity, so that our Connected Brain becomes our primary mode of interaction.


Maureen McCarthy was told she would die young of a rare, genetic lung disease, and with no cure in sight, she couldn't change her body, so she set out to change her brain. Maureen sees death and illness as an opportunity to question the nature of our brain’s relationship to pain and fear. This propelled her to design a radical, brain-based approach to being alive, using the neural circuitry of social connection to harness group stress and build trust in fast-paced environments. Maureen is the Co-Founder of the Center for Collaborative Awareness and the Co-Creator, with her husband Zelle Nelson, of the Blueprint of We; a collaborative relationship design document. Maureen has worked with organizations from Dropbox to the World Relief Organization to create vibrant leaders and inspire mindful ways of being human.