Mark Romero

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Play Beautiful Music throughout Your Life!

Mark was a successful businessman, but he was troubled by his increasingly unhappy soul. He heard messages from various directions, including from those who cared about him the most.  

But even when he wanted to listen, it was difficult to overcome his resistance to the unknown expansion he was being called to. 

When he finally said yes to the calling to be more of who he really is, things opened up.

“So, in essence, I started using music as this tool to be able to get the energy work that I do out into the world.

...and the beauty of it is that it bypasses that whole left brain critical thinking ego mind stuff that’s the cause of all our troubles in the world today and it allows the ability to create the space for change and transformation without even getting that aspect involved and it allows us to be able to optimize our energy, and we are energetic beings.”


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Mark Romero is an internationally renowned energy healer and guitarist. His music was proven by a former top-consultant to NASA to tune the body's energy field. Out of this discovery emerged a revolutionary music and energy healing technology that is helping people around the world revitalize their health, open to more abundance, deepen their relationships and become powerful catalysts for transformation and change on the planet.