Mairi Campbell

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Tickle the epic

Mairi’s music and performances are steeped in ancient Celtic wisdom of Scotland, and she incorporates that tradition with her own visionary flair to create mesmerizing experiences for her listeners.  This conversation takes you into Mairi’s thought processes around music, creativity and paths through old patterns that no longer serve.

“Sometimes if you just go into your internal system you can get looped in to your own patterns and reemphasize your emotional patterns, and I mean that’s a really interesting area, like our emotional body and what’s going on, the patterns that we find hard to break out of. It does show up very clearly in music, doesn’t it? And sometimes it’s by looking at another body that I’ll suddenly find there’s notes to be played that I wouldn’t normally be playing, but I want to do these ones. and so yeah, how do we break the patterns that we’re used to living in?”


The original tune of Auld Lang Syne, sung by Mairi and her husband.

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From her beginnings as a viola player Mairi Campbell’s musical questing has taken her to folk song, traditional fiddle, composition, song-writing, improvised sounding to her present creative place which blends and transcends the skills she has acquired in all of these areas.

A performance by Mairi Campbell today takes her listeners on a journey with waypoints that include her own and a careful selection of others’ songs (with audience participation), improvised vocal and viola, Scottish dance tunes, and passages of Bach.