Lisa Lichtig, MD

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Listening - A sound basis for healthy relationships

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A devoted and heartful holistic family physician, plant spirit medicine healer, midwife, firekeeper and mother for over 25 years, Lisa also serves community as a traditional healer and ceremonial leader. Through a rigorous 15 year apprenticeship under the guidance of elders, don Elias Cowan and don Jose Sandoval, Lisa was initiated as a mara’akame of the Huichol healing tradition in 2014. Additionally, Lisa is a firekeeper for Sacred Fire, a non-profit community service organization that provides a doorway for people and communities around the world to learn, grow and heal.

In 1999 Dr. Lisa, as she is fondly referred to, co-founded Family to Family: Your Home for Whole Health Care along with her husband Dr. Patrick Hanaway. Together they have created a safe and sacred place for the process of healing and transformation in the lives of many people. Seeing beyond symptoms, Dr. Lisa helps get to the root of illness patterns to ignite the healing process. She specializes in helping people heal from chronic illness, navigate life challenges, discover wellness, reconnect with the joy and mystery of life and remember to find balance in life’s natural cycles. She does this through consultations in functional medicine, heart-of-birth and parenting as well as traditional healing, guiding young women through initiation into adulthood and holding space for community fires.

She lives on a beautiful knoll in the mountains of North Carolina with Patrick and carries the scent of the sacred fire wherever she is.

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