Jerry Donoghue

Interview topic:

9 Principles To Support People With Presence

(This is take 3 on this paragraph...)  I'm inclined to go on and on here... What it boils down to is... WATCH THIS VIDEO.  It'll give you a sense of the high level of integration Jerry has developed to facilitate effective and enduring personal transformation.  It involves deep listening and high levels of presence and it is this type of consciousness and engagement that effective improvisers also practice.

Developing such high levels of compassionate awareness for various aspects of ourselves gives us tools and emotional grounding for navigating challenging relationships with others as well.

"Stepping back and seeing that we're all just trying to do what we want and hold true to our values helps me calm down from trying to change them, keeps me connected to their humanity and I don't have to demonize them to put forth my different strategy. You know I can speak to them on a strategy level in a calm way without demonizing."


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Jerry Donoghue is a Master Spiritual Coach who specializes in training helping professionals in gentle, non-invasive, non-prescriptive approaches to support that rely on the clients’ innate intelligence. He draws on his many years of teaching people compassion, self-compassion, and nondual awareness work to create this dynamic Inner Presence Inquiry Work. Early on, he saw the efficiency and beauty of making our daily lives our meditation cushion. He shows us in a totally practical and deeply experiential way, how to fully enter, embrace and be present to the disowned, painful and rejected part of ourselves. His nurturing grounded presence trains helping professionals to go deep quickly and safely with their clients.