James Navé

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Let Your Creative Voice Discover You

Jim Navé has been teaching people about creativity for an entire career.  He co-created Artists’ Way Creativity Camps with Julia Cameron from 1995-2003, and I can tell you, his creativity workshops are a blast!  I’ve also known him as the coordinator of the poetry slam at the Lake Eden Arts Festival in Black Mountain NC and as a good friend who has supported and guided me along my own creative journey over the past 20 years.

“You can’t make something without really screwing up all along the way because the mistakes are essential for the construction of the project and only after years of practice do you learn how to appreciate your mistakes.”


Two free books (100 pages each):

  • How to Edit and Be Edited
  • How to Read for an Audience

www.twice5miles.com/free.  Enter the code: yourmusicyourway

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James Navé (www.jamesnave.com) received his MFA from Vermont College, has memorized over 500 poems, broadcasts a weekly podcast on WPVMFM titled On the Road with Twice 5 Miles Radio and has taught writing, creativity, performance poetry, and public speaking around the globe, including a 10-day international school residency in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Navé is a founder of Twice 5 Miles Publishing, a boutique Taos/London based press that produces useful books like How to Read for an Audience, How to Edit and Be Edited, and How to Teach a Workshop. Navé directs The SOMOS Taos Storytelling Festival. 3A: A Taos Press plans to publish his current poetry project titled The Hundred Days in early 2021. www.JamesNave.com