Hannah Fox

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"Yes, and...": How to orient yourself amidst the unexpected

Hannah Fox has an especially unusual history and an especially unusual gig.  Her parents created Playback Theatre, which is a potent theatrical form that takes input and stories from audience members and “plays it back” then and there.  

Having been in the Asheville Playback Theatre company for over 10 years, I have a deep appreciation for the beauty and transformative capacity of this art form that marries improvisation with honoring deeply the stories shared by audience members.  

Hannah teaches this form, which is not only fun and engaging, but also brings deep healing to participants and observers, to individuals and communities.

“…trusting one’s intuition as you step out into that unknown space which is improvisation because we all can tap into infinite wisdom, it’s right there, and as long as we can get out of our own way, there’s that self-consciousness thing that we need to wrestle with and let go of…”


If you're curious about Hannah's NY School of Playback Theatre, check it out here...  Playback is amazing




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Hannah is a professor and trainer of dance, theatre and performance, founder of Big Apple Playback Theatre, and co-director of the New York School of Playback Theatre. Hannah performs and leads Playback Theatre trainings around the globe. She has a special interest in the intersection between movement and text/sound as well as using Playback and other applied theatre forms as tools for addressing social justice issues. She is the author of Zoomy Zoomy: Improv Games and Exercises for Groups, and has published several articles and chapters on Playback Theatre. Hannah is a certified yoga instructor and proud mom of a lively seven-year old named Rio. Hannah is the daughter of the founders of Playback Theatre. Hannahkfox.com