Dr Toni Galardi

Interview topic:

How to use LifeQuakes to Discover Your Soul Purpose and Dance to Your Own Rhythm

Dr. Toni Galardi - Toni has engaged with many of the leading lights of the human potential movement for decades.  Her background as a psychotherapist and her study of astrology and sacred geometry, and three car accidents (that jolted her awake) led to her laying out her "Lifequake" framework.  In it, she presents a process for how to navigate the shaky ground of change with a better sense of our natural place in the scheme of things.

"You said two words, "the unknown."  To take that down to a very practical level, what that means is right here, right now, wherever you are in your life, whether it's that you're dealing with just your own personal dramas or global upheavals, it is about how can I be in relationship inside my own body with the unknown.  And that's the practice is to go inside the body and find where the fear of the unknown is, because that is at the very core of the fear of change is the fear of the unknown."


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Dr. Toni Galardi has been speaking and coaching for over twenty years on the subject of change mastery to groups as diverse as Xerox, Auto Desk, The American Bus and Tours Convention, and The Moment of Change Conference. Her mission is to assist her clients and students in designing a road map to prepare for their next chapter, stopping the chronic pattern of waiting until a major crisis hits.

With humor and grace she refers to herself as “the poster child for the change impaired” because it took three near fatal experiences for her to figure out there was another way to prepare for change. She is the author of the groundbreaking book The LifeQuake Phenomenon: Awakening to Your Passionate, Purpose Filled Destiny in These Uncertain Times; a body, mind, and spirit approach rooted in the neuroscience of mastering change and discovering your soul purpose. In addition to her speaking engagements, Dr. Toni also has a media presence nationally in both print and broadcast. As the advice columnist in Counselor Magazine for nine years, she is called “Ask the LifeQuake Doctor.” She has also been a frequent guest expert on Fox News and ABC on the right brain approach to change mastery in times of economic crisis.

She has dedicated her life to helping you manage change with more fun, clarity, and less stress. Her 11 different vocational hats led to her passion for helping people find what they are here to do next and then become an agent of change in their world.