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Daniel Barber


Navigating the Unknown by

Improvising with Sound

Daniel's LIVE interview w/ Briony Greenhill is a fun and enriching way to begin the summit.

We get started in a perfectly imperfect way....  And it just got better from there... 🙂

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Change One Thing, Change Everything

with Sound Improvisation

May 7 at 12:00am ET

  • Approach the threshold of listening without labeling.
  • Stand at the bridge of perpetual blessing.
  • Step more deeply into the 3 essential questions.
  • Learn why the Holy Trinity of Improv can make all the difference for you.  In more ways than just playing music.
  • Learn why many people think piano improvisation is hard, and why it doesn't have to be.

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We are at a crisis point in history, in so many ways.  In my time I've witnessed and worked with many smart, large-hearted and wise people as we've applied ourselves to our challenges.

One of my enduring questions has always been, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?  I've come to think that "how" question is an unproductive one.

I propose that a better question is "What do I do now?" That question tends to wake me up and point me in the direction of the world I want to see (and/or the way I want to be).  

It gets me out of my head and plants me in the present. It asks me to connect with what is going on right now, with who I am, and says "okay, so what are going to do now to create more peace, more joy, more harmony, more healing, more connection with nature?"

And sound-making, especially when it comes from deep within the present moment, is a profoundly creative and connective force.

My name is Daniel Barber and my spirit name is Two Trees.  I’m in the business of living musically and I work primarily with capable and curious people who yearn for that, too. 

Since 2015 I've been working with individuals and groups using a process I designed called SoundYourSelf.

It combines mindful presence with a unique musical improvisation modality that helps people engage their authenticity, realize and liberate their unique offerings, and claim their naturally powerful place in the world.

I realized in the Fall of 2019 that part of my place in the world may be to gather people with valuable wisdom to share related to sound improvisation and have conversations with them to be shared widely.

I feel deeply humbled and honored with the opportunity to create this space for these teachers, musicians, healers and thought leaders to share their wisdom about mindful presence, spontaneous creativity and the power of sound at this momentous time.

My prayer for you is that as you engage with these unique conversations, that you will receive wisdom and insight that will encourage you to take your own path into the heart of mystery.

If this stirs something in you, come on in!

It’s our time.