Alice Dixon

Interview topic:

Music has always been the marker for every aspect of the lives of black Americans. When we don't have anything left to hold on to we hold on to the music in our Bodies.

Hum rocking to the internal songs in our head dancing singing.

It is our Resilience, our hope.

Alice Dixon - Alice has done a lot of deep listening.  It has brought her to a place of deep compassion and also a powerful understanding of the struggles of people and the road that must be taken to stitch ourselves back together again as a family of human beings.

"It's the value of respect for another human being and helping another person find their humanity and empathy for other people... Everybody wants to be heard. and everybody has the right to be heard. because everybody has something to say about what they're feeling on the inside cause everybody's built differently."

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Phone: (937) 470-7369



Master Barber for over 40 years
Social justice Activist
Racial equity facilitator
ACE collaborative
Trained in RFR and Triple P
Peer support specialist