Your Music, Your Way

Free Online Summit

Your Music, Your Way

Find the powerful path of sound improvisation for accessing innate genius and liberating your essential gifts.

FREE 7-day Virtual Summit—April 6-12, 2020

Created & Produced by Daniel Barber

April 6 - 12, 2020

Your Music, Your Way summit is for you if:

You’re tired of the disconnected feeling and you want to reconnect with your curious and creative nature.

You feel the rigidity of reality and you’re ready to access your innate playfulness and adaptability.

You see how all the chaos is stealing our attention and you’re ready to rediscover presence of mind.

Your Music, Your Way

Find New Perspectives

You have the ability inside you to embrace the unknown and find freedom.

As systems falter and uncertainty takes up residence in our daily lives, we’re faced with whether to brace ourselves against The Unknown or to embrace it. 

What does embracing the unknown look like?

It looks like learning to navigate within what is —even chaos and uncertainty. So that you’re not bound by it, but curious, capable and free to move.

32 Interviews

32 Experts

Join the Your Music, Your Way summit—a 7 day online event with 32 interviews from a diverse selection of thought leaders, musicians, sound healers, activists, scientists and ritual leaders—to explore the profound potential of sound improvisation for living musically and effecting personal and planetary healing.

Silvia Nakkach

Why Music? Making Music as the Architecture of Quantum Listening

Matthew Fox

Transforming the world, Transforming the Self: Art and Spirit, Music and Spirit

Eileen McKusick

Using Sound as a vehicle to Freedom and Empowerment

Gary Malkin

Awakening to the Holy Now:
Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Cultivate Trust, Flow, and Presence in Your Life (and Your Music)

Mandara Cromwell

Ancient Wisdom and Advanced Sound Technology

Briony Greenhill

Loving The Void: the journey to potent duetting with the unknown

Zacciah Blackburn

Music as a Connecting Tool to the Greater Self and Cosmos

Chloe Goodchild

Sound is the ground of consciousness

John Stuart Reid

Music Medicine: how music triggers healing at the cellular level

Vickie Dodd

Sound is primarily the Art of Listening

Onye Onyemaechi

The Drum: Voice of the Village

Mary Knysh

Tapping into Your Creative Genius Through the Transformative Power of Music Improvisation

Dr. Toni Galardi

How to use Mathematical Frequencies to Discover Your Soul Purpose and Dance to Your Own Rhythm

Eugene Friesen

Listening: The Heart of Presence

Phyllis Douglass

Cultivating Your Sound Signature: "Creating Your World From Within"

Pamela Bruner

Music for Resilience: Using music to move forward powerfully on goals

Solomon Masala

Groove Elixir: The Medicine of Rhythm

Billy Jonas

BRIDGING DIVIDES - using music to heal divisions in ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.

Jerry Donoghue

9 Principles To Support People With Presence

Kedar Brown

Songlines: Tracking the footprints & heartbeats of your souls calling into a life of memory and belonging through ceremony & ritual.

Mark Romero

Play Beautiful Music throughout Your Life!

Wah Music

The Balance Between Skill and Flow

James Navé

Let Your Creative Voice Discover You 

Maureen McCarthy

How to Wire Your Brain for Amplification

Lisa Lichtig

Listening - A sound basis for healthy relationships

Hannah Fox

"Yes, and...": How to orient yourself amidst the unexpected

Carrie Bolton

Why we must always have a song

Alice Dixon

Music and living more grounded

Gary Phillips

My Life Flows On In Endless Song: Gratitude, Abundance and Synchronicity

Mairi Campbell

Tickle the epic

Daniel Barber

Navigating the Unknown through SoundingYourSelf

Your Music, Your Way

Insight from Experts

Wisdom that is generally not widely shared


How the conscious use of sound can change everything in your life


Why improvisation is seen as difficult and how it doesn't have to be


The secret to authentic expression that changes everything


Why sound is such a powerful force in our lives


Why improvisation is an especially valuable piece of the puzzle


Isn’t creativity something that some people have and others don’t?


What does all this have to do with large scale change and transformation?


And much more!

What if?

What if you had the tools to move forward into new territory with groundedness, clarity, confidence, flexibility and resilience?

What if the tools were accessible to you—and always have been—but you have just been overlooking it?

What if you could reclaim these tools and learn how to go beneath all the fake “differences” to where hearts and bodies exist in harmony and unity?

Are you ready?

Your Music, Your Way summit is the place where we rediscover the tools of a deeper life. Are you ready to engage with mystery? Let’s embrace the unknown together.

Created and produced by

Daniel Barber

We are at a crisis point in history, in so many ways.  In my time I've witnessed and worked with many smart, large-hearted and wise people as we've applied ourselves to our challenges.

One of my enduring questions has always been, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?  I've come to think that "how" question is an unproductive one.

I propose that a better question is "What do I do now?" That question tends to wake me up and point me in the direction of the world I want to see (and/or the way I want to be).  

It gets me out of my head and plants me in the present. It asks me to connect with what is going on right now, with who I am, and says "okay, so what are going to do now to create more peace, more joy, more harmony, more healing, more connection with nature?"

And sound-making, especially when it comes from deep within the present moment, is a profoundly creative and connective force.

My name is Daniel Barber and my spirit name is Two Trees.  I’m in the business of living musically and I work primarily with capable and curious people who yearn for that, too. 

Since 2015 I've been working with individuals and groups using a process I designed called SoundYourSelf.

It combines mindful presence with a unique musical improvisation modality that helps people engage their authenticity, realize and liberate their unique offerings, and claim their naturally powerful place in the world.

I realized in the Fall of 2019 that part of my place in the world may be to gather people with valuable wisdom to share related to sound improvisation and have conversations with them to be shared widely.

I feel deeply humbled and honored with the opportunity to create this space for these teachers, musicians, healers and thought leaders to share their wisdom about mindful presence, spontaneous creativity and the power of sound at this momentous time.

My prayer for you is that as you engage with these unique conversations, that you will receive wisdom and insight that will encourage you to take your own path into the heart of mystery.

If this stirs something in you, come on in!

It’s our time.

Copyright 2020 - I Am Sound, LLC, Daniel Barber