Learn what it means to...
Think Globally, Act Musically
and how to actually DO IT !

Drumming in Pritchard Park

3-part workshop series 

With Daniel Barber

Reserve your spot for this experience that will change how you think about reality, music, and making the difference you most want to make...

3-part series / 3 Saturdays / 10:00a - Noon







Jubilee! Community

46 Wall St.

downtown Asheville

across from climbing wall / next to The Laughing Seed

What You'll Learn in this 3-part Workshop Series:

  • 1
    A "sonic" framework for navigating challenging situations (conversations with political adversaries, people who manage to keep triggering you) with grace, presence, appreciation, and influence.
  • 2
    A 6-phase process (T.A.P. the Flow) to tap your intuition, creativity and genius that's bottled up inside you. 
  • 3
    Step-by-step strategies for influencing people, situations and social/political systems in the ways you most want.
  • 4
    Plus, free bonus: register here online and you'll get a free copy (CD or download) of Daniel's album, Marsupial Road Trip.

*Important Note:  To foster healthy engagement and full participation (we've got a world of work to do!), the available places for this workshop are limited to 15 registrants. Reserve your spot now to ensure your participation.

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