Hi, and thanks for reaching out

It's fun to think about possibilities that have been lurking in the shadows for years, right?  Especially when the prospects for bringing them out of the shadows holds such rich possibility!

What are wanting to do musically?  What would you like to be able to do on piano?  or some other instrument?  What kinds of things have you tried before that didn't work as well as you'd hoped?

What are you imagining now as you reach out to discuss this approach?

Sound Yourself coaching is one of the most innovative, well-integrated and balanced sound improvisation programs available.

I'll look forward to connecting with you soon and seeing what might be possible when the two of us put our minds and hearts together for your creative expansion.

Blessings onward...


P.S.  Thanks for taking this step to connect with me.  Grand journeys do begin with small steps.  I'll look forward to connecting to hear more about the journey you're detecting.