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Almost shocked at what I was able to accomplish

I have zero desire (or time or patience) to learn to read music or learn to play piano in a traditional way. These tools gave me the ability to 'play' piano in about an hour... Slow and steady. But what came out of the piano sounded really nice to my ears (and family's ears as well)

Just do it. If you've ever wanted to play piano these 60 minutes might be your shortcut ticket to making lovely sounds come from a piano! I practiced an hour last night and was almost shocked at what I was able to accomplish. First practice sesssion

Excited about sitting at the piano

Oh happy day, "and thank you, Daniel."

Yours is an amazing concept that is leading to a more simplified way to understand which notes when played together or in sequence make harmony and which to leave out till another time.

Now I'm excited about sitting down at the piano rather than dreading it.

Whoopee and Oh Yeah!

Improved my openness to others

This course is based on the individual slowing down and listening for the music that lies within us. That calming and centering can truly be a mindset that helps in other facets of my life.

Daniel shows a sincere interest in me as a student and as a person. His methods of listening, breathing and centering can certainly help if applied to dealing with others. I think that lesson is one I have taken forward and has improved my openness to others.

Surprise your friends and family

I feel like it's pretty effortless to make some really nice sounds with your system. In fact, I sat down last night and started playing some things that I like. My daughter came into the room and gave me a hug. I asked why and she said she heard me playing and thought it was my wife (who can play the piano very well). When she saw it was me, she was moved to give me a hug.

Surprisingly informative and approachable new way

It was surprisingly informative. I do play the piano some but this lesson made some of the more complex keys less intimidating. It was a new way of looking at the various keys which simplified it and made it more approachable.

So simple, and so genius.

So he has this crazy method. Omg. It is so simple. And so genius. And has transformed my relationship with piano improv.

Simple method, immediate results

I have had fits and starts all of my adult life taking traditional piano lessons and find myself frustrated at the lack of progress. Daniel's method is simple in its logic and you truly can make some pleasing music after your first lesson.

I've seen just about every method there is...

I was a full-time piano teacher for 5 years, I've seen just about every method there is, and I've never seen anything like this. Did no one genuinely figure this out before Daniel? Perhaps we should call this the Barber method...

Now I do it for just 10 mins a day. It starts messy, then it gets musical, then it gets deep. Often I cry. And music starts to flow through me again. Like it used to. I'm not making mistakes any more. I'm staying effortlessly within key. It's like he's helped me get back into the heart of music. Thank you Daniel. Thank you thank you thank you.


It’s opened up a "whole nother" world for me. It’s like my brain cells are saying, “hey cell mates, we just got the key to unlock the iron door, so let’s bust outta here and head for the 'fields.' Freedom!”

… I don't even have to know what key I’m playing in. I can just put all that aside.

Excellent for beginners or experienced pianists

It's fun to sit down and go from key to key using what I learned in the lesson.

It is an excellent lesson for others whether they are beginners or experienced pianists.

In the moment

It is like a meditation where you sit to clear your mind and stop it from thinking or judging or analyzing and you just let it happen. In the moment. And whatever happens, it just is. It just comes out. And it’s okay. Truly. I’m not kidding. Genius.

Interesting new way

Very interesting new way to think about playing in different keys.

Amazingly easy!

I was amazed at how easy the approach was to apply. I saw 'possibilities' and felt great joy in that! Your enthusiasm is contagious and just experiencing that was a personal growth opportunity for me.

Hidden value

Yes! I am much more aware that I have or should have a relationship to my piano, an old friend, that is more than just sitting down and immediately playing/duplicating other peoples' music. There is a reciprocal listening for and feeling of what may need to be "said" at the keyboard on any given "conversation."

I believe I have transferred that awareness of listening and feeling in dealing with others. Relationships are not always what you expect up front. They can have hidden value in being patient and seeing what unfolds.

This would spare me having to think about theory

I was working on some original music last night, and the thought occurred: " I could use the "3 sharps" key layout to explore some ideas to create a new section of the song. This would spare me having to think about theory, and will probably result in some ideas I might not have found previously.

It's easier than you think / rewarding experience practically guaranteed!

Good pace of instruction, great concept, fun to apply.

Using this method, I felt less intimidated of keys with lots of sharps and flats than I would have using traditional theory and scales.

It's easier than you think, and the likelihood of this being a rewarding experience is practically guaranteed!

Something I only dreamed of

Do it! Absolutely embrace the fact that yes, after a mere hour, you will be able to improv in 12 keys. It's something I only ever dreamed of doing, and now when I sit at the piano, I'm able to dig right in--with gusto!

When I sit down at the piano now, it's no longer this strange mystery. It has form and structure, and I know it.

How easy it was, and how well I could remember it days, weeks and months later.

Fascinating, just fascinating

This new way of looking at patterns on the keyboard has caused a major brain shift for me. I keep looking at the patterns and just can’t believe it. Makes total sense.

I was so excited and energized after our lesson last week that my mind just would not stop. I’ve been playing around with it and listening to the sounds in a way that I never listened before, and I have a basic structure, or map, as a way to organize it. Fascinating, just fascinating. And yet really so simple. How did you think of this?

[Recommend?] 100%. Wonderful time spent with Daniel

[Would you recommend this approach?] 100%. Wonderful time spent with Daniel understanding this way to learn improvisational piano!

I suppose the first word that comes to mind is clever and visual. I learn best with visual cues and (this) was a really easy way for my mind to wrap around the concepts.

Musical intuition revved!

I've loved composing for guitar all my life, and as anyone knows, the guitar is not as friendly when it comes to memorizing where all the notes are. The thought of learning a whole new instrument was daunting to me, but to my surprise, since I've learned to improv in 12 keys, the guitar is easier for me now as well. I can really hear music more adeptly, and my musical intuition has never been more revved!

Lifelong dream might be possible after all!

A light bulb went off in my brain, tears came to my eyes, and I clapped for joy to realize that a life-long dream of playing the piano without being tied to the printed page of music just might be possible after all, despite years of lessons!!!

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