Spelunking into your musical self - Daniel Barber - I Am Sound, LLC

Spelunking into your musical self

Here are some deep dive questions into your cave for your own reflection.  If you regularly engage the practice (i.e. the 5 Point Alignment and the 7 Step Tuneup) it's not unusual to experience significant changes from week to week.  Giving yourself a few minutes each week to track this can be a useful reminder for you as you journey through the course.  The numbers don't matter, but your experience does!

Your name
How comfortable do you feel sitting down at a piano?
How creative are you feeling?  How playful?
How musical do you think you are?
What parts of you do you want to nourish and develop?  What could that look like in 3 years?  1 year?  6 months?

Good, you've taken two important steps toward realizing your dreams for piano improvisation.  1) You've paid careful attention to where you are and 2) you've set your sights on the direction you want to go.

Here's to a fun and rewarding journey, connecting with and playing your own music along the way.

    Daniel Barber