Permission and Space

 August 25, 2014

By  Daniel Barber

The Artist and the Bohemian in me know it's okay for me to do things (like play the guitar) that inspire my creativity, enliven my mind and heart, that are fun and that bring joy and gratification.  

But my "Accountant" and "Foreman" fiercely proclaim that if I don't first tend to my responsibilities I'll expire from hunger or laziness within weeks and I can kiss that whole "enjoyment" thing goodbye anyway.  

Ahh, to have the permission and space for a little peaceful coexistence...

Fortunately, in recent years I've been nurturing my awareness to allow these often conflicting internal parts to coexist more peacefully (in the same room/skull/body) so that each of them can get some decent face time and not have to whine so much for attention.  

I'm loving the peace-making effect is has in me, and I'm also loving spending some good guilt-free time with the guitar.

Does this resonate?  I'd love to hear what this tweaks in you in the comments below.

Daniel Barber

Clearly, it’s a pivotal time in many ways. As it happens, I've spent most of my life witnessing and working with many smart, large-hearted and wise people as we've applied ourselves to the numerous and persistent challenges facing us. One of my main questions has always been, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be? I've come to think that "how" question is largely unproductive. It leads to an over-susceptibility to paralysis by analysis. A better question is "What do I do now?" That question tends to awaken and direct me toward what I want to see and the way I want to be. It gets me out of my head and plants me in the present. I’m forced to acknowledge reality, take stock of who I am now and then engage doing and non-doing in as much awareness as possible. Sound-making, especially when it comes from deep within the present moment, is a profoundly creative and connective force. My name is Daniel Barber and my spirit name is Two Trees. I’m in the business of living musically and I work primarily with capable and curious people who yearn for that as well. Since 2015 I've been working with individuals and groups using a process I designed called T.A.P. the Flow along with a framework for accessing and nurturing innate creativity called SoundYourSelf. It combines mindful presence with a unique musical improvisation modality that helps people engage their authenticity, realize and liberate their unique offerings, and claim their naturally powerful place in the world. If this page or this site stirs something in you, let’s play!

Your Signature

  • I love listening to you play the guitar. I’m waking up to the fact that I have an abandoned dream. Indeed, despite all the creativity that flows in my life, there is a channel that I continue to neglect. I have always dreamed of playing the guitar and writing my own songs. In 2000 I purchased a classical guitar and took a few lessons. When physical illness entered my life, I determined that there was no comfortable way for me to play guitar. (Sure does sound like a limiting belief to me now!) My guitar still sits in my closet. Something inside just can’t give it away. Something inside knows it is still a dream that wants my attention….


    • The guitar has a special place in my heart, too. Warm, friendly, and portable, it’s like a wooden friend-maker! Hmmm, I wonder when the time will be right to pick up that dream… :hmm:


  • Daniel, thank you for sharing this! This brief segment on giving permission and allowing space and time brought tears to my eyes. You nurtured my soul and brought joy to my spirit.


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