Want to release

your innate possibilities?

Access your intuition reliably

explore your natural musicality

play It Your way

do you ever...

  • ... get upset with yourself about something you say or do?
  • Would you like to express yourself more authentically?
  • Deep down, do you feel stuck and unfulfilled?
  • Do you want to meditate more regularly, but you just don't?!
disappointed man framed against the sky


  • Wished you could sit at a piano, make something up on the spot & make it sing?
  • Would you like to explore your inner world with sound? 
  • What if the piano was an ally in mindful presence, reflection, and playfulness?!!

Could SoundYourSelf be the key to your personal mastery?

What you get...

a one-of-a-kind program carefully crafted to:

  • give you solid training & support for your creative journey,
  • strengthen your inner creative connection,
  • access to evoke fresh potential you may have never imagined,
  • enhance your self-awareness, grace, compassion, and adaptability.

3-4 modules/month

You'll get a new series of videos regularly to challenge and inspire your practice and creative fire!

The entire process is guided, grounded and well-paced to support you through the inevitable ups and downs.

Group students and coaching clients will get a Reflection and Integration Week to deepen and nourish your transformation.

The holy trinity of improv

Learn to improvise music (and your life) masterfully, mindfully and musically.

t.a.p. the takeaways tool

Guideposts, inspiration and prompts for each session outlining the Touchstone, Application, and Practice for your focus.

Experience improvisation in a larger context and connect and reconfigure different aspects of yourself as you would most prefer.

weekly community calls

(SoundYourSelf Experience and 1-on-1 coaching programs)

You're not alone in any of this.  It's reassuring when someone asks your question perfectly or empathizes with your experience.

5-point alignment tool

This tool assesses how connected you are with your creative source.

Develop your awareness of the quality of your creative connection in any given moment.

Then use the 7-Step Tuneup (→) to resync.

Vibe tribe membership

(SoundYourSelf Experience and 1-on-1 coaching programs)

Swap stories with your traveling companions, explore together, access members-only content, enjoy discounts on future goodies, and receive and offer support along the way.

7-step tuneup tool

This tool reconnects you to your creative source energy at any time.

Learn the confidence of knowing the 7 things to DO to consciously and proactively tune back in to your inspiration, intuition and creative genius.