Now you're ready for the "Other" side
of the SoundYourSelf experience!

  (SoundYourSelf on Piano - Modules 7-12 - 2 months)  



What you get...

a unique course carefully crafted to:

  • give you solid training & support for your creative journey,
  • strengthen your inner creative connection,
  • access to evoke fresh potential you may have never imagined,
  • enhance your self-awareness, grace, compassion, and adaptability.

6 online course modules

Each module (details below) opens new perspectives and possibilities for you, artistically and generally.

Renegotiate your ongoing relationships with sound, music, and yourself.  The benefits of this are both tangible and mysterious.

You get reliable, ongoing support with a guided, grounded and well-paced process to get you through the inevitable ups and downs of sound improvisation.

The holy trinity of improv

Learn to improvise music (and your life) masterfully, mindfully and musically.

t.a.p. the takeaways tool

Guideposts, inspiration and prompts for each session outlining the Touchstone, Application, and Practice for your focus.

Experience improvisation in a larger context and connect and reconfigure different aspects of yourself as you would most prefer.

weekly cohort calls

Join into weekly calls with others working with SoundYourSelf.

You're not alone in any of this.  It's reassuring when someone asks your question perfectly or empathizes with your experience.

5-point alignment tool

This tool assesses how connected you are with your creative source.

Develop your awareness of the quality of your creative connection in any given moment.

Then use the 7-Step Tuneup (→) to resync.

Searchable VIDEO

Easily find and review moments from coaching sessions, online courses, and Question Sessions.

Focus less on "locking onto" information being presented and more on deep listening.

Vibe tribe membership

Swap stories with your traveling companions, explore together, access members-only content, enjoy discounts on future goodies, and receive and offer support along the way.

7-step tuneup tool

This tool reconnects you to your creative source energy at any time.

Learn the confidence of knowing the 7 things to DO to consciously and proactively tune back in to your inspiration, intuition and creative genius.

explore playing online

We are currently exploring the possibility of being able to play together online!

Imagine playing music, in time and in sync, with others over the internet!  This is a game-changer, for sure!

What's in modules 7-12?

Course 2 offers the second half of the 12 foundational modules of SoundYourSelf

Modules for SYS Course 2

Modules 7-12 focus on relationship with "Other"


Both sides now
  • Playing both hands at once may seem almost impossible. How can you learn to do this and also be musical as you learn?
  • You may have many conflicting feelings. How can you marry these opposing sides of yourself?
  • In this session, you'll learn to put both hands together manageably and musically.  You'll discover the process can be fun and your results surprising!
Right and Left Hands

(Sacred Marriage)


Sound of silence
  • How can you add more rests, silences in your music in a way that adds depth, nuance, texture, interest, richness?
  • When you're feeling overwhelmed, how can you disengage and simply "be" with presence?
  • In this session, we'll look at the liberating power of silence to make everything better for you, musically and otherwise.
Playing Silence

(Stillness / Depth)


Two become one
  • You'll be feeling more familiarity now with the notes.  How can you make your music more deeply engaging?
  • How might this "interval" metaphor help you reimagine my relationships with particular Others?
  • In this session, we'll explore more deeply some ways music can inform larger aspects of your life, especially around relationship.



  • Are you more complicated than what you've been able to express so far on piano?  How then might you express some of that richness and complexity at this one-time stage of your development?
  • How can you incorporate more openness to surprise in your life, and even consciously create it?
  • In this session, we will explore how "groove" expresses surprise and delight in you (and your listeners).  It's part of you, and part of us all.
Rhythm and Groove



  • Life is complex, there's a lot going on. You want to express that abundance, in ways that are listenable and attractive. How can you do that?
  • You know it's not all about you, or any single relationship. How can you express the richness of community in all its forms?
  • In this session, we'll open the gates to more complex harmony and abundance.  You'll learn to manage this expansion with surprising ease and delight!



New dimension
  • How can you pull all these things together in a way that you feel more mastery over all these musical possibilities? How can you enrich your musical expression?
  • How can these musical ideas help you express yourself more fully? What is the next step in this creative journey?
  • In this session, we'll explore another dimension of musicality we haven't focused on yet - Dynamics.  This is also innate and you wan't have any trouble understanding it. Incorporating this into your playing will enhance and enrich everything dramatically.
  • In this session, we'll open the gates to more complex harmony and abundance.  You'll learn to manage this expansion with surprising ease and delight!

(Variable intensity)

The "Other" side of the 

SoundYourSelf System

This is possible for you.

Get SoundYourSelf on Piano
(Course 2)
for only $397
(6 modules / 2 months)
  • 3 online course group sessions per month for 2 months
  • Vibe Tribe community membership (paid up for 3 months)
  • Members-only content on Vibe Tribe
  • Access to weekly group Spelunking Sessions
  • Access to online instructional videos (videos searchable by text, transcripts included)

For signing up during the Founding Member promotional period

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you'll also get...

EXTRA 40-minute One-on-One call w/ Daniel

During the course, you can
  • get MORE clear, focused time to catalyze your progress
  • gain clarity on any challenges or blocks in your creative path, and identify next steps
  • express anything in particular that you have been reluctant to mention in the context of the group, whether it is because of the sensitivity of the subject or your uncertainty about whether issue that seems to be emerging in the course of this work is relevant.
  • take a SECOND opportunity to "go to the next level" with Daniel's support

What would it be worth

to get 40 MINUTES of ADDITIONAL support and insight revealing a missing piece

or help you affirm the direction you most want to take?




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

I want to make SURE you're happy with this.

Try this SoundYourSelf course risk free for 30 days.  If you are not feeling a deeper connection with yourself, your innate musicality and your ability to express it on the piano, contact me to let me know.  If you prefer to end the exploration at the end of 30 days, you'll receive a full refund.

Near instant gratification you can build on

I have taken formal piano lessons on and off most of my life. Each time, the "building process" of traditional teaching has bogged me down and I have ended up not continuing. SoundYourSelf has provided a system where an individual can get near instant gratification from the simplest progressions and can build on it with each module.

[I got] the confidence to trust myself that improv can produce some beautiful sounds that often reflect my mood or what is going on around me.

Bill Byrne

I have a healthier relationship with myself as a result and I feel more alive.

This has been an amazing process of self-discovery, quite humbling at times. I know I just scratched the surface but this has been a lovely experience and I will be able to apply the principles, not only to guitar, but to other creative expressions and to life. I have a healthier relationship with myself as a result and I feel more alive.

Working with Daniel has been a very healing experience for me!

Katrina Chappell

Finding pearls

I'd say that Daniel's overall framework has given me some "handles" that have helped me discover new directions for using my intention and attention as I improve my skills and improvisational fluidity, especially in playing with other people--having musical "conversations." I really like his Listen....Feel.....Play as well as "listen to the pulse" and "listen to the rhythm that you don't yet hear." I find pearls each time Daniel and I learn together.

I have had absolutely no training - now playing sweet songs

This method is just plain fantastic!

I have had absolutely no training on the piano and just a bit of understanding of music theory and I now find myself playing "sweet", as my spouse calls them, songs in 12 different keys each with a different feeling tone.

The keyboard makes sense for the first time and I have no trouble knowing where to put my fingers. The hardest part is getting in touch with how I feel and playing that out. When it happens, it is so gratifying.

Treat yourself to this!

Ike Sloan

I am not a musician and I expected....

Daniel delivers on his promise to get you improvising your own music on the piano!

How easy it was! I am not a musician and expected a much higher learning curve but there wasn't one. To my surprise when I listened closely to Daniel's suggestions, even when I wasn't sure of them, I began playing my own music much faster than I would have imagined.

With Daniel's system you come to realize it is a natural expression for us all...he just helps to bring it out of you. Thank you Daniel!

Anutosh Rob Luka

Common questions


I can appreciate why you may have that belief, and why that can feel discouraging.  

SoundYourSelf is rooted in the idea that music, vibration, sound, life, simply IS.  

If your heart is beating, there is rhythm in you, and when you talk, you sing.  

This course is about evoking YOUR music, which is closer to you than you may think.


Yes, it can help you a lot. Indeed, this is the background I had that pulled me to creating this approach in the first place. It can be challenging, but it can be done. And it is an incredibly wonderful way to grow and step into aspects of yourself that may have been hiding BECAUSE of what you know. It's tricky, but definitely worthwhile. :-)


I originally created the Sound YourSelf framework with piano in mind. Because of the pitch range, layout and unique versatility of that instrument, even beginner piano players can be creating surprisingly beautiful music within this four and a half months.

Fortunately for those of you who would like to have this type of experience on another instrument, the core foundation and principles of Sound YourSelf are applicable for any type of musical expression.  I've had good success using SYS with Native American flute, hand drumming and singing.


My full intention is to support you in satisfying your desire to improvise on piano (or selected other instruments) with confidence and ease.

The program is designed to be engaging and inspiring throughout, but as in any learning journey there are hills and valleys. If you bring your concerns to me when they arise, we can address them with the clear aim of nourishing and supporting your success.

As with most things, much of the success depends on you.  We engage in a collaborative process here, and it can only really work if we both offer ourselves to it with mind, heart and spirit.

That said, if within 30 days from the opening of the course, you have participated in the program as recommended and decide it is not helping you achieve your goals, you may request and receive a full refund.

Bottom line is I want you to LOOVE this experience!

what if i don't have a piano/keyboard?

I'm happy to help you find a keyboard that will work for this process.  I have some resources I've put together that lay out the important minimum characteristics and features of a piano / keyboard that will lead to a good experience for you.

It's all about connecting you with an instrument that will in turn help you connect with your inspiration.

what if i don't have a musical bone in my body?

Oh my... I'm so sorry you feel that way, and I won't try to convince you here. 

I'll just say that, from my perspective, that belief you have doesn't come from the deepest truth of who you are.  

I encourage you to look further into this work. I think it could make a big difference for you. :-)


Feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the "Any questions?" button in the lower right-hand corner of this screen and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We do our best to respond within 12 hours, but it can sometimes be 24. 

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

What do I get for this investment?