Want to move from 


Access your intuition reliably

explore your natural musicality

play It Your way

Want to move from 


Access your intuition reliably

explore your natural musicality

play It Your way

Want to move from 


Access your intuition reliably

explore your natural musicality

play It Your way

do you ever...

  • ... get upset with yourself about something you say or do?
  • Would you like to express yourself more authentically?
  • Deep down, do you feel stuck and unfulfilled?
  • Do you want to meditate more regularly, but you just don't?!
disappointed man framed against the sky


  • Wished you could sit at a piano, make something up on the spot & make it sing?
  • Would you like to explore your inner world with sound? 
  • What if the piano was an ally in mindful presence, reflection, and playfulness?!!

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • Do you ever get surprised or disappointed with yourself for some of the things you say and do (or DON'T say and do)?
  • Would you like to express yourself with more authenticity, compassion, and genuine power?
  • Deep down, do you feel somehow stuck or unfulfilled or feel like you are somehow more than this, but you can't figure out how to get from here to there?
  • Do you know you should meditate more regularly, but... you just don't?!


  • Have you ever wished you could sit at a piano, improvise something out of the blue, and make it sing?
  • Can you imagine exploring and expressing your internal complexities by playing them out compassionately and honestly in sound?
  • What if the piano could be a treasured ally in mindful presence, courageous reflection, and childlike playfulness?!!

Could SoundYourSelf

be a key to your mastery?

What you get...

a unique online course to:

  • give you solid training & support for your creative journey,
  • strengthen your inner creative connection,
  • access to evoke fresh potential you may never have imagined,
  • enhance your self-awareness, grace, compassion, and adaptability.

inspiration for 6 weeks

6 Online course modules

Each module (details below on this page) opens new perspectives and possibilities for you, artistically and generally.

Renegotiate your ongoing relationships with sound, music, and yourself.  The benefits of this are both tangible and mysterious.

You get reliable, ongoing support with a guided, grounded and well-paced process to get you through the inevitable ups and downs of sound improvisation.

structured take-aways

T.A.P. the Takeaways tool

Guideposts, inspiration and prompts for each session outlining the Touchstone, Application, and Practice for your focus.

Experience improvisation in a larger context and connect and reconfigure different aspects of yourself as you would most prefer.


The Holy Trinity of Improv

Learn to improvise music (and your life) masterfully, mindfully and musically.  With these 3 keys, you learn how to naturally add authentically and musically in any situation.

assess your connection

5-Point Alignment tool

This tool assesses how connected you are with your creative source.

Develop your awareness of the quality of your creative connection in any given moment.

Then use the 7-Step Tuneup (→) to resync.

Searchable VIDEO

Find spoken words/phrases in videos!

Easily find and review moments from coaching sessions, online courses, and Question Sessions.

Focus less on "locking onto" information being presented and more on deep listening.

learning in community

3 months FREE Vibe Tribe membership

Swap stories with your traveling companions, explore together, access members-only content, enjoy discounts on future goodies, and receive and offer support along the way.

reconnect with your muse

7-Step Tuneup tool

This tool reconnects you to your creative source energy at any time.

Learn the confidence of knowing the 7 things to DO to consciously and proactively tune back in to your inspiration, intuition and creative genius.

explore playing online

We are currently exploring the possibility of being able to play together online!

Imagine playing music, in time and in sync, with others over the internet!  This is a game-changer, for sure!

What would it feel like to be able to...

Sit at a piano and play your heart out!

Make something up on the spot.

Play for a while at a friend's party.

Explore your own inner landscape.

Speak through music.

It's easier than you think!

My family name is Daniel Barber.

My spirit name is Two Trees.

I started on piano at 4, early enough prep for a thoroughly musical life, but in my teenage years I also became obsessed with bringing healing justice and love into the world. 

Through 20 years spent in social work, quantitative social systems research, computing tech support, video production for nonprofits, and political activism, I collaborated with many incredible people addressing lots of piercing and potent questions.

One that keeps on intriguing and inspiring me is “How do we get from where we are now to where we most want to be?”


For those 20 years, I didn’t play much music at all. I wanted to get to the piano and teach myself to improvise, but I kept hitting walls and didn’t know where to turn for help, so I kept setting it aside.

I learned all too well the regret of so many years having passed without really playing.

In 2001, I was inspired to come back to the piano and began playing professionally.  I went full-time playing music in 2006 and along the way I've learned quite a bit about learning as an adult and about improvisation (both musical and theatrical).

I've come to see that not only is music improvisation fun and engaging, it offers unique insights into how to get from where we are now to where we most want to be.

And THAT is worth learning!

Founder, I Am Sound