The ONLY candidate Trump cannot beat

Speaking to shared values

February 20, 2020


I love what Bernie has always done to keep eyes focused on fundamental economic disparities (i.e. why we are where we are).

He’s ignited the revolution, so we can be awake and conscious of our underlying economic realities while we work on this government of, for and by the people thing.  Thank you, Bernie.

But even though the polls now say Bernie beats Trump one-to-one, I’m concerned they’re wrong.  You know, kinda like they were wrong four years ago.  Not the polls’ fault, btw…


Elizabeth Warren embodies those essential values Bernie has championed throughout his career, and yet I think has more potential to bring more people under the tent than Bernie does, especially once the primaries are over.

With her revolutionary’s heart, policy wonk’s smarts and activist’s saavy, she may be not only the best Presidential prospect in the field, but also the only one Trump simply cannot beat.

We know Trump will insult, demean, berate and badger this person regularly, and media will amplify all of it.  But it’s not just whether someone can take the heat and keep going (as most of these candidates could).  It’s what will happen in the minds of the American people along the way.

Some may currently be tentative about Elizabeth Warren, but there’s not that much reason to “hate” her (unless the status quo is great for you and you really don't want her to change it).

The more people get to see who Warren is (if the media will allow), Trumps’ attempts to demean and humiliate her won't land so well with independents or even his own people.  

Warren IS clearly a champion for people vis a vis corporate power.  That’s her gig. 

She may be the not only the best presidential prospect in the field, but also the only one Trump simply cannot beat.

It’s getting harder and harder to argue corporations should have more rights than people as their influence wreaks havoc on the national balance sheet, threatens the health of air, water, soil, food and now risks the very habitability of the planet.

It's clear that corporate influence over public policy (and media) is what is keeping us as a nation from addressing climate change (i.e. it's global heating, and the clock is ticking), among so many other pressing challenges.

Warren’s candidacy may also pose the greatest threat (among the different candidates) to the media companies themselves.  So pay close attention to the relationship between how well YOU perceive Warren relative to the coverage she gets compared to the moderate candidates.

So let that be a reminder to find OUR VOICE and explore the difference WE can make when we express ourselves powerfully and authentically.

Warren walks a fine line

…between knowing enough about the system to understand and critique it from the ground up, while defending capitalism itself with the aim of making it work better for all of us.  

For example, her proposal re “accountable capitalism” would shift the legal foundations that require corporations to maximize profits for shareholders at the expense of concerns for the environment, employees and the communities in which they operate.

This would be no minor tweak to an inherently flawed system, but instead would be genuinely revolutionary.  It would lead us down a path that could be much more sustainable and beneficial for individuals, society and the natural world in the long run than trying to overthrow capitalism altogether.

That said, for some capitalists at least, Warren is the biggest threat among the candidates to their chokehold on their largely unexamined economic and political power.  I imagine most of the 1% aren't worried that Bernie will get elected. 

But Elizabeth Warren is the kind of Democratic candidate that could make some of those guys lose sleep.

In terms of Trump's supporters, she may actually carry some immunity to his attacks.  And they may well make her stronger, not only among those already in her camp, but independents and Trump people as well.

I’ve held off making my decision and have enjoyed listening to the political discourse.  But in the past week or so I realized that Elizabeth Warren may well be the leader who can pull things together for not only the Democrats, but for all of us.

Warren is a revolutionary spirit…

reformer, teacher, expert in corporate finance, public servant, visionary, fighter for justice and uniter of Americans, an unusual combo.

It feels good making this decision to stand for her, and I imagine if she got the nomination,  she, more than any of the others, would inspire the enthusiastic support (including ongoing stumping) of every other candidate in the Democratic field.

Bernie people have plenty to love with Warren, as do moderates, independents and many traditional Republicans.  Incremental reformers can appreciate her pragmatism and revolutionaries can appreciate the scope of her vision, the boldness of her proposals and the particular battles she chooses to take on.

I think she would be able to usher in the kind of inspired change many of us have prayed and worked for for decades.  We could move again toward an America that stands for the idea that anyone can forge a better life for themselves and their families.

I’m a fan of Democracy

American government has fallen way short on this throughout its history.  But our vision suggests it's possible, and that we can move toward creating government that is increasingly accountable to the people, and that it can effectively monitor and balance the overpowering influence of concentrated wealth.

As it's said, Democracy isn't pretty, but it’s better than the alternatives.

I’m drawn to being vigilant about threats to democracy both foreign and domestic, and selecting leaders who represent values strong majorities of us can rally around.

Such things as freedom, fairness, justice, rule of law, respect for other humans and other life we share the planet with.

I think Elizabeth Warren embodies those values as core principles that motivate her.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Let's chat, explore, and maybe even play a little music along the way.

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A bit about Daniel's journey

Throughout my circuitous career, I've always wondered “How do we humans get from where we are to where we most want to be?”

Now I say… one moment at a time.

So I help folks facing uncertainty to navigate it confidently (on piano and elsewhere) so they can be who they are wherever they are and effectively offer their unique and precious gifts.

Turns out sound improvisation can be revolutionary! 🎉

  • Elisabeth Warren did not support Bernie Sanders in 2016, even though she was generally behind his ideology! She surrendered to the Hilary Clinton DNC corruption with their super delegate control. And it seems as though she may follow the same pattern in 2020. She seems to be part of the establishment that will do almost anything to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming president. He is the only candidate with whom his vision of America is in line with my optimistic views.

    • Hey Eddie, thanks for commenting. I’m hearing you feel resentful that Warren supported Hillary in 2016 and that her motivation is to do whatever possible to keep Sanders out of office.

      And I hear your concern that she may be continuing to represent the corrupt establishment of the DNC which undermined and effectively squashed Sanders’ promising candidacy in 2016.

      Would you be willing to elaborate a bit? I’d love to hear more about YOUR vision for America. What are some of the things you would most want to see in our country?

      • Daniel, my biggest concern is that a large percentage of the electorate spends very little, if any, time studying the issues. Republicans will vilify her the same way they took Obamacare, with its lack of a public option, and turned it into a socialist takeover of healthcare. Her progressive bona fides will be turned into the next red scare. Centrists are afraid of radical change. We need their support to move in a progressive direction. I believe they will buy into baby steps. Elizabeth Warren’s vision can hardly be described as incremental. Don’t me wrong, I will vote for her if she wins the nomination and I’d love to love long enough to see her vision play out. I live in the south and most of these folks don’t see it that way.

        • Tim, I appreciate your concerns there. I agree too many people don’t study the issues sufficiently. And that many will try to vilify her.

          And that we need the support of centrists as well as progressives to move in the directions we want to go. It is this that has me feeling that Warren is the best choice now.

          It looks to me that she, more than the moderate Dems, could bring a larger swath of Americans under a much larger tent, including many who simply could never bring themselves to vote for Bernie.

          Picture a sea of traditional Republicans who have watched their party abandon their values, and ache watching as their children either sound more and more like Trump, or they have to try to explain why they ever voted for him.

          I see millions of these people in a quandary because they love America and don’t want it to turn into a totalitarian state, but also are terrified of that “socialist” word.

          If, however, there is someone (and a woman, no less, who could effectively stand up to Donald Trump the way only a woman could) who is strong, smart, a teacher, accomplished consumer advocate, avowed capitalist, but isn’t blind to the corruption in politics, even in her own party…. That’s another matter.

          They could support someone who would take on corporate malfeasance, corruption, climate change, military spending and never-ending wars, move toward universal health care, child care, college availability, green energy, etc.

          I think Warren could be quite effective gathering the coalitions needed to move us in those directions quickly, with broader political consensus and better prospects for long-term sustainability than any of the other candidates in the race.

          And though any of the candidates would give it hell in a debate with Trump, I’m not sure that even if they got some good shots in, that it would attract more support to them or their cause.

          On the other hand, my take at this point, especially after seeing what she did with Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren could actually be the one who could reveal the true state of the Emperor’s attire.

    • Based on your comments, I got more curious about digging in to the pages on Warren’s and Sanders’ sites that lay out their vision and plans for the future.

      I would love to see either of these visions implemented, and overall it appears there are many areas of resonance.

      Seems they are both about seeking ways to make America a place where anyone can be afforded the right to a decent life where money doesn’t drown out people, and where war and concentrated power don’t drown out life, liberty and happiness.

      Sanders –

      Warren –

  • Great Danielle, good work. I was in the middle of a lot of things when I accidentally stumbled on your paper here and even though I’ve got many things to do this afternoon I read the whole thing slowly.

    I will go back into it from home and find ways to share it I hope lots of people read it oh you’re saying exactly my truth.

  • Thank you Daniel for starting this discussion. I was just considering a way to gather together in our voting efforts in a similar way to my parents voting for the same candidate so as to not cancel each other’s votes. I’m concerned that Bernie is too radical for the independent votes and the word socialist is too frightening. I loved watching Warren put truth in Bloomberg’s face. However, I’m concerned on another level about her call for a fight. I’m all for unity. My family is literally divided down the middle about Trump. (My parents are divorced.) I want to see the liberal stance take charge, show the way, and attract and invite the “other side” to join us in a better way of governing in these rapidly changing times. During the debate, I also observed Pete Buttigieg stay cool and collected as always. He’s young and many people somehow don’t know he’s gay, but he’s smart and brings a young person’s perspective that may be what’s needed to usher in the new paradigm. I invite comments.

    • Thanks, Julie, for those thoughts. I hear your desire to be thoughtful together as we consider how best to use our votes to their best effect. It resonates with the parts of me that feel like citizenship is about so much more than voting. I can imagine a much better outcome as we learn how to communicate our deeper truths with each other, deeper than simply the opinions or conclusions we may draw that can be influenced by so many various random factors and my or may not reflect our deeper truths. Conversation, it seems to me, can help to reveal some of those inconsistencies.

      And I appreciate your thoughts about Buttigieg. He’s smart and competent, and will probably be a valuable leader down the road. I do think there is great value in experience, however, and there are a lot of jobs to get it, I think, before ascending to the Presidency. It seems to me Buttigieg leapt from being a Mayor to a Presidential candidate with no small amount of support from donors who would have an unknowable influence over his decisions. I’d like to give that some more time on simmer…

      To my mind, private money -is- the corrupting influence in public politics. Getting from where we are to where -I’d- like to see us on that score is profoundly challenging. I don’t fault Buttigieg for taking the route he has taken, but it leaves me less willing to trust where he would take us.

  • I have come to the same conclusion after carefully considering Bernie. His comments about Russia were naive, and the ones about Cuba are easily exploited. She is bulletproof!

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