How to navigate COVID-19 with less fear (for yourself and your loved ones)

March 12


For your consideration…  

Given the eerie possibility that if we don’t stop going to grocery stores, using public doorknobs and touching our faces, we might find ourselves at the mercy of a overwhelmed health care system, 

how would it feel to know more about the nature of covid-19 so you could feel more confident in keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy?

I’ve been reading Jon Barron for years and I always appreciate his balance between critical evaluation of the medical literature and a holistic approach to a “baseline of health” to be confidence inspiring.

I summarize the highlights below, but I think it’s helpful to understand these dynamics as Barron lays them out in these 4 articles.

How to proceed w corona virus well informed and without fear

How to fight viruses & bacteria w natural anti-pathogens

How and when to use anti-pathogens and system regulators and a list of them to keep in stock

There's no need for panic - a few more covid-19 questions answered

Here’s a quick summary from these blogs:

The BAD news:

  1. this virus spreads super fast (as we’re now seeing) (40-70% of the global population is likely to get the virus
  2. it’s orders of magnitude more lethal than previous viruses

How COVID-19 does its dirty work

Different viruses attack our immune systems in 2 different ways:

  1. some operate on weakened immune systems by opening the door to pneumonia
  2. others ALSO operate on stronger immune systems, and by unleashing a cytokine storm in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue

COVID-19 kills by (#2) triggering the immune system to overreact, freak out and destroy healthy tissue

The GOOD news:

While the virus will most likely infect many (maybe even most) of us, it doesn't have to be deadly, or even much worse that a mild cold (and some will be completely asymptomatic), but it DOES require knowing how to keep symptoms at bay.

At the very first sign of symptoms, start taking:

1) Anti-pathogens (such as..)

  • Oil of oregano extract
  • olive leaf extract
  • AHCC
  • habanero
  • horseradish
  • garlic
  • onion
  • colloidal silver (only for acute symptoms, don’t take on an ongoing basis)
  • liquid zinc
  • (you may know of others)

The anti-pathogens will kill enough of the virus and keep the viral load and the symptoms down enough to prevent an immune system overreaction (cytokine storm).

Safest to stop using Elderberry at symptom onset for covid-19.  It can contribute to immune system feedback loops potentially resulting in a cytokine storm.

2) Immune system regulators

The immune system regulators are said to boost an underactive immune system and calm one that is on the verge of wigging out and attacking healthy tissue.

I hope you find this helpful.  Through this approach, we not only take better advantage of the built-in protection of our bodies and nature itself, it loosens the grip of fear that we or our loved ones may be vulnerable by some roll of the dice to being one of the ones who may have serious illness or worse from this virus. 

I've seen in several places that while the spread and potential danger of this virus is very present, it IS controllable, given adequate information.  

There's no need to panic, and no need to succumb to the fear of getting a virus when it doesn’t need to trigger an overreaction.  

Indeed, it’s the overreaction that’s dangerous, not only to our individual selves, but to The People overall.


(Obviously, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.  This is simply an invitation to read this material  and others and see what makes sense and feels right to you.)


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