Why are people so intimidated by piano improv?

Here’s the real reason....  and why you don't have to be.

Near instant gratification you can build on

I have taken formal piano lessons on and off most of my life. Each time, the "building process" of traditional teaching has bogged me down and I have ended up not continuing. SoundYourSelf has provided a system where an individual can get near instant gratification from the simplest progressions and can build on it with each module.

[I got] the confidence to trust myself that improv can produce some beautiful sounds that often reflect my mood or what is going on around me.

Bill Byrne

Don't know what, why, or how and that's great!

My brain shifted … I don’t know what, why, or how and that’s absolutely Great. Whatever is taking place within my Unified SoulMindBody Field is brilliant and looooonnnggg prayed for. Benefits are Present in my newsletter and brochure … a Miracle of ‘publicly voicing my Self’.

Donna Wolf , Energy Resonance Practitioner

Something I only dreamed of

Do it! Absolutely embrace the fact that yes, after a mere hour, you will be able to improv in 12 keys. It's something I only ever dreamed of doing, and now when I sit at the piano, I'm able to dig right in--with gusto!

When I sit down at the piano now, it's no longer this strange mystery. It has form and structure, and I know it.

How easy it was, and how well I could remember it days, weeks and months later.

Holly M. Paar

Helped me out of mental chatter

The daily experience helped me get out of mental chatter, diving into the listening, feeling and playing experience, which is soothing and essential to me.

Marie-Noël Générau

Such a f***g good coach!

I was a one-on-one consultant, which was coaching before there was a coaching word, for 30 years. I've worked with a lot of coaches. I've trained a lot of coaches. We've got healers here who also do coaching. ... I just have to say, you are such a f***g good coach! You really are so good at what you do. You have such a skill in listening and caring for your students. It's just, it's a blessing to work with you. Thank you.

Kelle Olwyler , Retired Management Consultant

Depth practice

This is a depth practice. If you're wanting to dive into the depths of yourself, this is the practice.

It's insanely rewarding and it's also challenging, and it's also just mind boggling how impactful it is in such a slow, profound way. So, yeah, it's very unique. It's very, very unique.

Meg Heathman , Musician

Unique, and offers unexpected benefits

I have not done anything similar before. It is a unique approach. It's fun; it does not require hard work nor does it take a lot of time each day. It can bring unexpected valuable benefits and insights for your life, which may vary from one person to another.

Marie-Noël Générau

I have a healthier relationship with myself as a result and I feel more alive.

This has been an amazing process of self-discovery, quite humbling at times. I know I just scratched the surface but this has been a lovely experience and I will be able to apply the principles, not only to guitar, but to other creative expressions and to life. I have a healthier relationship with myself as a result and I feel more alive.

Working with Daniel has been a very healing experience for me!

Katrina Chappell

Excited about sitting at the piano

Oh happy day, "and thank you, Daniel."

Yours is an amazing concept that is leading to a more simplified way to understand which notes when played together or in sequence make harmony and which to leave out till another time.

Now I'm excited about sitting down at the piano rather than dreading it.

Whoopee and Oh Yeah!

Anne McKenzie

Very liberating!

These lessons have taught me to play and listen and enjoy the music that comes out of my heart and soul. very liberating! I feel more confident now when I sit at the piano. Practicing for 10 minutes per day opened the door to seeing how easy it is to accomplish other tasks if I concentrate and have awareness and good intention. Centering myself and becoming aware of what I hear and what is going on around me has become a way of life.

Anne Mullin

Almost shocked at what I was able to accomplish

I have zero desire (or time or patience) to learn to read music or learn to play piano in a traditional way. These tools gave me the ability to 'play' piano in about an hour... Slow and steady. But what came out of the piano sounded really nice to my ears (and family's ears as well)

Just do it. If you've ever wanted to play piano these 60 minutes might be your shortcut ticket to making lovely sounds come from a piano! I practiced an hour last night and was almost shocked at what I was able to accomplish. First practice sesssion

Tony Pascone

Lifelong dream might be possible after all!

A light bulb went off in my brain, tears came to my eyes, and I clapped for joy to realize that a life-long dream of playing the piano without being tied to the printed page of music just might be possible after all, despite years of lessons!!!

Anne McKenzie

Laughter and self-acceptance

Daniel's work enabled me to find gratitude in very difficult and challenging circumstances. I have become more self-confident, having been reminded of the power within each of us. The most valuable thing I got from the work with Daniel has been laughter and self-acceptance, realizing that I don't really have to take myself and situations so seriously!

Ronesa Roswood

Expressing your soul in sound

I was actually astounded to hear the difference in my playing along with Daniel. I feel much more confident to play along with others, I can hear rhythms more clearly, and I'm listening more deeply in many dimensions of my life, not only when I'm making music.....making music, I guess that's the main shift that has happened as a result of my work with Daniel....there are times now when I actually feel lost in the music, in the voice of the flute, in the vibrational field that surrounds me.....and that is pure joy!

Juanita Brown , Co-discoverer of The World Cafe

Thanks for working with me in such an attuned way

Much gratitude to you, Daniel!! Thank you for your patience and working with me in such an attuned way!

Katrina Chappell

Reassuring and supportive

It's reassuring to be supported by Daniel who is not only a skillful musician but also a very generous and sweet person doing everything he can to help and support people. The group was also quite supportive, respectful, and sweet. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Marie-Noël Générau

Finding pearls

I'd say that Daniel's overall framework has given me some "handles" that have helped me discover new directions for using my intention and attention as I improve my skills and improvisational fluidity, especially in playing with other people--having musical "conversations." I really like his Listen....Feel.....Play as well as "listen to the pulse" and "listen to the rhythm that you don't yet hear." I find pearls each time Daniel and I learn together.

Juanita Brown , Co-discoverer of The World Cafe

Music as a reflection

I am allowing the music to reflect what is going on inside and the world around me. Yes! When self-doubt creeps in or I get nervous, angry, or confused, I take that to the piano and play it out!

Anne Mullin

A practice of acceptance

It's a real blessing to be able to shorten the time between something unexpected happening and being able to accept it"....I LOVE this and it's so true. I even heard it in relation to the unexpected death of my father when I was 8 years old (that's half a century ago) because even after all these years there are still slivers of shock and grief that sometimes show up. As he was very musical and played the piano a lot, it seems perfect for me to practise being able to accept whatever arises as I allow a flow of notes to move through me to the piano.

Clare P

Listening more deeply -> pure joy!

I feel much more confident to play along with others, I can hear rhythms more clearly, and I'm listening more deeply in many dimensions of my life, not only when I'm making music... there are times now when I actually feel lost in the music... in the vibrational field that surrounds me.....and that is pure joy!

Juanita Brown , Co-discoverer of The World Cafe

So simple, and so genius.

So he has this crazy method. Omg. It is so simple. And so genius. And has transformed my relationship with piano improv.

Briony Greenhill , Musician, Vocal improv coach, Workshop leader

Surprise your friends and family

I feel like it's pretty effortless to make some really nice sounds with your system. In fact, I sat down last night and started playing some things that I like. My daughter came into the room and gave me a hug. I asked why and she said she heard me playing and thought it was my wife (who can play the piano very well). When she saw it was me, she was moved to give me a hug.

Vic Garlock

Piano improv and the path of self-love

I feel more confident, legitimate and comfortable with the unknown. I feel that I can trust my intuition and hold to the truth within myself. I'm realizing that this piano improv experience helps me to move forward on the path of self-love (instead of expecting other people to love you).

Marie-Noël Générau

You deserve to have this in your life!

I believe this course is suited to anyone who has even the tiniest interest in playing music. This is not just about playing the piano. It sure is a really fun and engaging way to break down some of those childhood voices that say, "I am not smart enough, or good enough to do this" You deserve to have this in your life! It is a precious gift that keeps on giving!

Anne Mullin

In the moment

It is like a meditation where you sit to clear your mind and stop it from thinking or judging or analyzing and you just let it happen. In the moment. And whatever happens, it just is. It just comes out. And it’s okay. Truly. I’m not kidding. Genius.

Karen Gaughan

Embracing this new process

I’ve enjoyed working with Daniel and embracing this new process. Daniel has been so patient with me as I’ve navigated this work in my own time and comfort. Daniel always finds a way to tie in this work perfectly with where I’m at during each session.

Thank you Daniel!

Dana Williams

This would spare me having to think about theory

I was working on some original music last night, and the thought occurred: " I could use the "3 sharps" key layout to explore some ideas to create a new section of the song. This would spare me having to think about theory, and will probably result in some ideas I might not have found previously.

Ben Brill

Playful and safe space

I used to feel small, contained.

I knew I wanted to learn something productive to do with my hands - to give them a way of working without being so tightly directed by my head. And I wanted to find out if there was music inside of me, waiting to come out.

Working with Daniel created a playful and safe space to explore both possibilities and resistances/hesitations to expressing feelings/ sounds/combinations.

Vinci Daro

Musical intuition revved!

I've loved composing for guitar all my life, and as anyone knows, the guitar is not as friendly when it comes to memorizing where all the notes are. The thought of learning a whole new instrument was daunting to me, but to my surprise, since I've learned to improv in 12 keys, the guitar is easier for me now as well. I can really hear music more adeptly, and my musical intuition has never been more revved!

Holly M. Paar

Improved my openness to others

This course is based on the individual slowing down and listening for the music that lies within us. That calming and centering can truly be a mindset that helps in other facets of my life.

Daniel shows a sincere interest in me as a student and as a person. His methods of listening, breathing and centering can certainly help if applied to dealing with others. I think that lesson is one I have taken forward and has improved my openness to others.

Bill Byrne

Hidden value

Yes! I am much more aware that I have or should have a relationship to my piano, an old friend, that is more than just sitting down and immediately playing/duplicating other peoples' music. There is a reciprocal listening for and feeling of what may need to be "said" at the keyboard on any given "conversation."

I believe I have transferred that awareness of listening and feeling in dealing with others. Relationships are not always what you expect up front. They can have hidden value in being patient and seeing what unfolds.

Arden Perez

Much more than lessons for piano

I have learned not to be so self-judging and be more patient with myself. Expectations can so trip us up that we may lose the value of the experience. Your patience with me was gratifying! I try and remember it is okay to be 'messy'!

Acceptance of things as they are and healthy detachment are lessons that can be applied to all aspects of life and relationships. They bring a peaceful , non-forceful approach to most situations.

Arden Perez

It's easier than you think / rewarding experience practically guaranteed!

Good pace of instruction, great concept, fun to apply.

Using this method, I felt less intimidated of keys with lots of sharps and flats than I would have using traditional theory and scales.

It's easier than you think, and the likelihood of this being a rewarding experience is practically guaranteed!

Ben Brill

Interesting and exciting!

Yes, it’s a wonderful course, concise and very easy to follow along! It’s very interesting and exciting to learn how to improvise beautiful sounds without any prior learning experience with the piano. This approach allows you to explore and improvise music in a new way using your intuitive abilities. As a Qigong instructor and a soon-to-be Medical Intuitive, I can’t wait to use it as part of a sound healing process. Thank you, Daniel Barber, for creating this innovative approach!

Fabienne Louis

Interesting new way

Very interesting new way to think about playing in different keys.

Davidson Loehr

Fun and yet substantial

[It's good for] people who want to just get going on the keyboard, who just need encouragement to dive right in, and who want to regain a sense of joy in making music.

It's FUN - without being at all frivolous.

Daniel loves sharing this work - you can tell it's a "labor of love" and it's part of what makes the work fun and yet substantial.

Ellane Chandler

So now I'm playing!!!

I wanted to play piano again and make it FUN! (and learn to improvise without making it complicated!) So now I'm playing!!!

Evelyn Schubert

[Recommend?] 100%. Wonderful time spent with Daniel

[Would you recommend this approach?] 100%. Wonderful time spent with Daniel understanding this way to learn improvisational piano!

I suppose the first word that comes to mind is clever and visual. I learn best with visual cues and (this) was a really easy way for my mind to wrap around the concepts.

Tony Pascone

Now operating from a peaceful neurological presence

I am highly intuitive in my role as an Energy Resonance Practitioner. Listening, sensing, and expressing in flow with others is easy. This same trusting, intuitive flow has been very difficult to access when I write and play piano. My creative spontaneity ‘short circuited’ due to sounds and sensations from critical ‘perfectionist programming’.

Daniel’s brilliant approach to TAP into our innate expressive ease through the medium of music has been a joy to engage. I am Listening, Feeling, and Playing / Writing / Speaking from a peaceful neurological presence.

Donna Wolf , Energy Resonance Practitioner

Brought me to a beginning that feels wide open

The course brought me to zero, meaning it brought me to a beginning that feels wide open to possibilities, fresh perspectives, and new learning, both in terms of musical expression and self-expression.

Vinci Daro

When you can sink down and just be free...

I'm one of those people that feels they have to practice practice, practice, practice, practice all the time... in the beginning to jam with people was terrifying for me,

I didn't feel like that I had enough value to contribute to these really amazing people that I would be jamming with, you know? And now it's much less about, you know, Oh God, I'm not enough and much more about, Oh, this is really cool things going on, and I want to be a part of it, because that's what feels right.

When you can sink down into a place and just be free and feeling, and truly paying attention to everything that's going on, and lay out and then join in. It's so exciting. It's so exciting. And it's so sweet.

Meg Heathman , Musician

Tapping true musical nature within

Daniel possesses plenty of technical expertise, to be sure. He passes along technique and know-how when its most applicable. What makes him really special is his primary focus on leading the student to connect with the authentic rhythm within. His blend of trust, support, encouragement and acceptance is beautiful.

This environment makes possible deep exploration of the improvisational musician within. What a joy!

Jimmy Miller

Highly recommend anyone near or far

I know theory but wanted to learn a new instrument, Piano, a new way. I wanted to do it from my gut and my heart.

Well today at our last of 12 sessions it came together and I improvised a piece that brought tears to my eyes, because it 'played me', I was just there experiencing music come through. Simply magical.

Profound thanks to Daniel and I highly recommend anyone near or far contact Daniel Barber to experience this. Forever grateful!!

Paul Heumiller , Owner, Dream Guitars

The more I listen, the bigger it gets

There are so many notes, and so many combinations of notes. The territory on that keyboard is enormous - the more I listen to myself playing, the bigger it gets.

Vinci Daro


It’s opened up a "whole nother" world for me. It’s like my brain cells are saying, “hey cell mates, we just got the key to unlock the iron door, so let’s bust outta here and head for the 'fields.' Freedom!”

… I don't even have to know what key I’m playing in. I can just put all that aside.

Karen Gaughan , Lifelong piano player

You helped me work with my inner critical parts

Having had a very negative experience with my piano teacher in my childhood, which left me with a strong internalized critic. You helped me work with my inner critical parts and guided me gently to access my deeper listening, sensing and feeling abilities and how to express them musically.

Katrina Chappell

Delighting in discovery

Daniel reminds us that we have permission to BE Curious about what is moving through us & give it voice. Sounding musically, we are freely delighting in discovery.

Donna Wolf , Energy Resonance Practitioner

"I could never play that thing."

This course would be good for anyone who ever looked at a piano and said, " I could never play that thing." Daniel has created a program that is so easy to follow. It does not require knowing theory or looking at notes on a page. Very beginner-friendly and I have witnessed people who have been classically trained having so much fun discovering new ways too.

Anne Mullin

You hold such a great space

Well, one thing I'll say about you too, Daniel, is that you hold such a great space. You create such a container for that fear, and nurturing that fear rather, and also challenging that fear, you know. There's so many components of holding a container for that kind of space and you do that beautifully.

Meg Heathman , Musician

I have had absolutely no training - now playing sweet songs

This method is just plain fantastic!

I have had absolutely no training on the piano and just a bit of understanding of music theory and I now find myself playing "sweet", as my spouse calls them, songs in 12 different keys each with a different feeling tone.

The keyboard makes sense for the first time and I have no trouble knowing where to put my fingers. The hardest part is getting in touch with how I feel and playing that out. When it happens, it is so gratifying.

Treat yourself to this!

Ike Sloan

Who am I now?

I like the fact of not having to compare oneself to or "imitate" someone else, I noticed that the experience gave me an opportunity to pay more attention to what I'm feeling inside and express it. It's like a mirror which reflects my emotions and feelings. This helped me with the questions: Who am I now? And: what do I wish to create today?

Marie-Noël Générau

Fascinating, just fascinating

This new way of looking at patterns on the keyboard has caused a major brain shift for me. I keep looking at the patterns and just can’t believe it. Makes total sense.

I was so excited and energized after our lesson last week that my mind just would not stop. I’ve been playing around with it and listening to the sounds in a way that I never listened before, and I have a basic structure, or map, as a way to organize it. Fascinating, just fascinating. And yet really so simple. How did you think of this?

Karen Gaughan

Without action there is no creation

I am eternally grateful to Daniel Barber for his guidance, patience, and humor. His way of teaching allows for each person to proceed at their own pace. The progress is all up to the individual. I have learned that without action there is no creation. Enjoy!

Anne Mullin

Truth expressed authentically on the drum

I have discovered the truth inside of me. It's expressed authentically through the drum that I play. This energetic connection to source is powerful and nourishing.

Jimmy Miller

Reminders we all need

I feel for some time now I haven't had a great awareness/appreciation for my surroundings. Daniel's method reminds me to be conscious of that more often, particularly when I am in a stressful or uncomfortable situation...

Bill Byrne

A big leap for me, very empowering and nurturing

I LOVED being in contact with the group in our weekly phone calls. It fed my commitment to actively doing the course. On a personal level, sharing and being witnessed was such a big leap for me, very empowering and nurturing.
Such a precious space to be in! 1. Open-minded people who are willing to dare to do something outside the box. 2. Self confidence, courage (trying something unknown, trusting the process, vulnerability in sharing with others) It's fun!

Evelyn Schubert

Amazingly easy!

I was amazed at how easy the approach was to apply. I saw 'possibilities' and felt great joy in that! Your enthusiasm is contagious and just experiencing that was a personal growth opportunity for me.

billie bremer

Nothing to fear here

Just do it! There is nothing to fear here. If there is, you get to play that out on the piano.

Anne Mullin

Beginner's mind and a wonderful time!

Besides the knowledge that I can sit, listen and approach the piano to create music that is not written or memorized, I have learned that even at this age and stage of life it is okay to be in kindergarten once again. 🙂

Go for it!! You will gain knowledge of the keyboard, yourself and have a wonderful time with a kind and patient teacher!

Arden Perez

See more clearly

And being able to see the ways so much more clearly as a result of this work of ways that I can express myself and authenticity is huge.

Meg Heathman , Musician

Magical contribution to personal growth

The Sound Yourself Piano Improv approach that Daniel’s Divine Design & Timing has gifted our globe, has magically contributed to my personal growth.

Donna Wolf , Energy Resonance Practitioner

Allowing "space" before reacting

I was looking for a different approach to working through my emotional patterns and another resource for when I find myself struggling.

Now I am able to allow myself “space” before reacting to others. I am able to stop, listen to what was said, get in touch with how it made me feel and then decide how I want to respond.

I’m much more at peace feeling I have more control over how I want to participate in engagements. And I’m proud of myself for making shifts in my patterns and not being so reactive.

Dana Williams

Just the right amount of challenge and nurturing

This has been just the right amount of challenge and nurturing to help illuminate other places where I was like, Oh gosh, I really need to grow over here too.

So it's multifaceted, this work, it really is. And if you are open to it (and it takes a lot to get there but) it's invaluable.

Meg Heathman , Musician

It goes beyond piano playing

Also, noticing patterns in how I approach things, do things, perceive things--just really confirms who I am and have always been. Also envisioning other possibilities............ It goes beyond piano playing, can be challenging to self, but ever so enriching.

Doors have been opened..........lots! wide! Thank you for persistently being there! Thank me for finally diving in!

Evelyn Schubert

Simple method, immediate results

I have had fits and starts all of my adult life taking traditional piano lessons and find myself frustrated at the lack of progress. Daniel's method is simple in its logic and you truly can make some pleasing music after your first lesson.

Bill Byrne

Massive process

This is a massive, massive process for me as a human being.

Meg Heathman , Musician

Opening the door

If one is open to experimentation, Daniel will help tear down walls that exist in our lives that we may not even be aware of. The door to creativity and self-expression can then be opened wide, be it through music, voice, art, even every-day living.

Ronesa Roswood

Supports you more than you can anticipate

I'd tell someone who is on the fence to go for it. It will support you in whatever process(es) you are in more than you can anticipate.

Vinci Daro

Ease that allows for imperfection

Daniel teaches with an ease that allows for imperfection that ties into every emotion I feel. I have worked with Chloe Goodchild, delving into how voicing sound is also a healing tool. It was really wonderful to take that practice to the piano and expand my awareness.

Anne Mullin

Listening with less judgement and more intent

[As a result of this work,] I've let go of the internal critical judgement of my playing in favor of connecting deeply within. This deep soul connection has produced powerful experiences in self expression that defy my imagination.

I find myself listening intently as others speak to me. I can listen with less judgement and more intent.

Jimmy Miller

Profound musical experience

I had a profound musical experience today. I've been studying piano with my friend and great musician Daniel Barber for a few months. Daniel has a really unique approach to teaching that is intuitive and spiritual. You don't learn keys, but rather 'fields', you don't learn scales, but rather you learn to listen, feel and attend to the sounds and your reactions to them.

Paul Heumiller , Owner, Dream Guitars

Learning to show up even if I don't feel quite ready

[I'm] investing in the restoration of the piano that I grew up with and not wanting it to remain silent.

I have never done any work similar to SoundYourSelf. I [always] felt it all had to be flawless and perfect. Now I'm learning to just show up even if I don't feel quite ready, that little steps are quite alright, and steering clear of situations that require perfection.

I can actually improvise pieces that are beautiful!

Ellane Chandler

Surprisingly informative and approachable new way

It was surprisingly informative. I do play the piano some but this lesson made some of the more complex keys less intimidating. It was a new way of looking at the various keys which simplified it and made it more approachable.

Paul Mitchem

Excellent for beginners or experienced pianists

It's fun to sit down and go from key to key using what I learned in the lesson.

It is an excellent lesson for others whether they are beginners or experienced pianists.

Paul Mitchem

Your technique allowed me to be me

It was my pleasure to go on an adventure with you. Along with good feelings, I experienced some learning! You have great vibes, that quickly develop an atmosphere that feels safe.

In addition to having awesome talent, musically speaking, you are an excellent conversationalist, i.e., you listen. You actually listen! With an eye on the future, you fully participate in the present.

Happily for me, you also have the gift of Patience. (Thank you) Your technique allowed me to be me.

Tyler Martin

Fun, easy and satisfying

If you’ve always wanted to play and be creative there is no better way to do it than from feeling and listening. That is the approach Daniel takes and it’s not only extremely fun and easy, it’s extremely satisfying. You will learn to express whatever it is you’re feeling inside.

Paul Heumiller

Good for anyone facing big decisions

I have never done any work similar to this.

This would be good for anyone going through any kind of transition or facing any major life decisions.

Vinci Daro

Allowing more of myself to be expressed

I feel that I am a little bit more accepting of myself, allowing more of me to be expressed creatively through music, but also in general. This is a huge gift to me and something I have been working with for a long time.

Katrina Chappell

I've seen just about every method there is...

I was a full-time piano teacher for 5 years, I've seen just about every method there is, and I've never seen anything like this. Did no one genuinely figure this out before Daniel? Perhaps we should call this the Barber method...

Now I do it for just 10 mins a day. It starts messy, then it gets musical, then it gets deep. Often I cry. And music starts to flow through me again. Like it used to. I'm not making mistakes any more. I'm staying effortlessly within key. It's like he's helped me get back into the heart of music. Thank you Daniel. Thank you thank you thank you.

Briony Greenhill , Musician, Vocal improvisation coach, Workshop leader

My relationship to music and my family was so much better.

Before working with Daniel I felt disconnected from most things in my life. I just was not sure what I wanted to focus on. Daniel was recommended by a dear friend of mine. I trust her so it was a no-brainer. I am not a piano player. I had an interest in his method because it sounded so doable.

As I progressed, I noticed that the more confident I became, my relationship to music and my family was so much better. The relation between the piano as a way to really express what I hear and feel has been revelatory.

Anne Mullin

Changed my relationship to the drum

This has changed my relationship to the drum. I don’t have the same hesitation when it comes to approaching my drum. I also have a much more symbiotic relationship with it, being that I can allow myself to play what flows through instead of sweating that I don’t know what to play.

Dana Williams

Unleashing authentic self-expression

Do it! I was full of questions internally such as "will this work for me?" and "I'm not really musical.... what if I can't do it right." Let go of these kinds of thoughts. Be open to the possibility that deep within yourself is an incredible musician waiting to be unleashed. Don't let this opportunity for authentic self expression pass you by.

Jimmy Miller

Finding true voice

I was going through a tough time in my life and a friend recommended Daniel to me. I was told that Daniel could help with expression through the voice, and keep it fun!

Although I will never be a great singer, the work with Daniel helped enable me to find my true voice and speak up when a situation called for it, no matter how painful it might seem. Daniel's presence and know-how provided a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable without words, through toning. (My) relationships have been seriously tested (and with this work) they deepened and became more authentic.

Ronesa Roswood

Having access to that space inside

Since this there's a much more calm energy that I have access to and that really helps me to know that whatever situation that I'm in, whatever key that I'm in, whatever rhythm is happening, that I can always listen first and then feel, you know, and then join, you know, integrate. And it's really, really neat to have access to that space inside of myself.

Meg Heathman , Musician

I am not a musician and I expected....

Daniel delivers on his promise to get you improvising your own music on the piano!

How easy it was! I am not a musician and expected a much higher learning curve but there wasn't one. To my surprise when I listened closely to Daniel's suggestions, even when I wasn't sure of them, I began playing my own music much faster than I would have imagined.

With Daniel's system you come to realize it is a natural expression for us all...he just helps to bring it out of you. Thank you Daniel!

Anutosh Rob Luka