Original Music

Marsupial Road Trip

Many years on, this music spent a long time after birth nestled like a joey before being ready  to come out and play.  

This group of songs spent 10 years in the writing, 2-3 years in production and another 10 years to you seeing this now.

So this album isn't any model on how to get your music out there quickly so much as one approach to walking the creative and expressive path.

That said, if you're wondering about walking that path for yourself, there may be an insight or two for you on this road trip.

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A musically diverse and poetically rich collection, these songs traverse the landscapes of legacy and calling, surrender and change, gratitude and activism, spirituality and cosmology, resurrection and rebirth.

Marsupial Road Trip is also a stylistic jaunt through jazz, rock, singer-songwriter and world beat sounds.

By integrating Daniel’s early musical influences with African, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms and a harmonic mix of his own life experiences, this music emerges as an expansive art form for everyone to revel in thoughtfully, heart-fully and joyfully.

This music is a nourishing soup made with jazzy spices, hot rhythms and sweet harmonies served up to make your world more vibrant and numinous, brimming with possibility.