3-part experiential playshop series 

With Daniel Barber

Reserve your spot for this experience that will shift how you orient to yourself and others, help you find your rightful place in the world, and share your unique and precious gift.

3-part series / 3 Thursdays / 6:30 - 8:30







Jubilee! Community

46 Wall St.

downtown Asheville

across from climbing wall / next to The Laughing Seed

What You'll Get in this 3-part Workshop Series:

  • 1
    A sonic framework for navigating challenging situations of all sorts with grace, presence, and authentic influence.
  • 2
    A 6-phase process (T.A.P. the Flow) to tap your intuition, creativity and innate genius. 
  • 3
    Step-by-step strategies for expressing yourself with authenticity and power, communicating as you most want to.
  • 4
    the chance to explore questions like "Is thinking a saboteur or a scapegoat?"
  • 5
    ... and "What’s sound got to do with it?"
  • 6
    a safe and enjoyable experience among the realms of the unknowable
  • 7
    an integrated experience that values and honors all the different parts of you
  • 8
    opportunities for deep listening and self-expression within a safe and supportive container
  • 9
    Plus, free bonus: register here online and you'll get a free copy (CD or download) of Daniel's album, Marsupial Road Trip.

*Important Note:  To foster healthy engagement and full participation (there's a world of work to do!), the available places for this workshop are limited to 15 registrants. Reserve your spot now to ensure your spot.

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