August 23

Waking up – Starting with a small step



Greetings and welcome to this new blog where I’ll be sharing my perspectives as I endeavor to wake up to my deeper and more natural resonance with life.   I’ll share writings, poems, videos, music and will look forward to hearing your thoughts and responses to these posts.  I’m psyched about the prospect of using this forum for expression and dialog and am pleased to be taking the small step of starting to record and post my thoughts and experiences.

Here’s a story about a small step I took in the Fall of 2000 as I began my return to playing the piano for other people (in my early 40s) that ended up shifting my perspective about performing in a pretty surprising way.  If you find this idea helpful to you in any way then so much the better!

In the blessings,



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  • I love your message of saying YES to your gifts and offering them more fully–one step at a time.

    I also noticed my own little wake up while watching your video. I shifted from head (mental thinking) to heart (feeling) when you played the first key on the piano. I listened to your video differently after that. I was able to take in the message on a deeper heart level. I love the power of music to wake me up to what my heart is feeling.

    Beautiful story of opening the space for the woman’s emotions to flow. I imagine your gift of healing sound has worked magic thousands and thousands of times.

    Keep playing and sharing. I’m ready for more musical wake-ups,

    • 🙂 Hey Jess, I do appreciate your comments here and am trusting that you meant it when you affirmed these “small steps.” Well, I’m taking another one and actually replying! 😕 😳 :hmm: Looking forward to more (and larger) steps soon (and, perhaps, onstage with you!)

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