August 25

Play a Different Note



When I recognize the patterns I play out on auto-pilot, I’m amazed at how efficient my system is at recording and playing those things back, and what a spelunking operation it can be to scratch out new neural networks that might be more interesting, adaptive and enjoyable!  What if it’s as easy as what Miles Davis suggested to someone asking about how to play more interesting solos: that we “play a different note!”

Here’s a few thoughts about how this operates with me on the piano.  Soon I’ll share with you some of the strategies I’m incorporating to expand my creative options.

Here’s to waking up!


awakening, music, piano, practice, sound, waking up

  • It’s amazing how many mundane things I do in the same or similar way each day. Walking down the hall in my house is like a neural pathway that I travel the same way over and over. The other day I wanted to experience the feeling of liberation, so I deliberately changed the way I walked and moved and skipped and boogied each time I went down the hall. I felt so fresh and free. And it was so simple!! So why am I back to walking down that hall in the same ole way???

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