The theme for Module 1 is The Music, both words capitalized, thanks to a book called The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten, one of the most amazing bass players, musicians, and human beings of our time.

It's an allegorical story along the lines of Illusions by Richard Bach in which a young budding musician meets a master and adventures and learnings ensue.  

The master in this book, Michal, refers to music as The Music.

This is a reframe with the potential to change a whole lot of things, including how one perceives, experiences and plays music.

I hope you will enjoy this module, as it focuses on going back to the source and reorienting our relationship to The Music...

through listening deeply.

(Click the book for info. I'm not affiliated, unfortunately!)

  1. I m already improvising and composing without a musical training and give workshop on the voice and creaticity. I don’t know the piano and I would like to go on with the course

    1. Hi Catherine, and welcome!

      I love hearing you have all those wonderful experiences improvising and composing and teaching music!

      I hope (and believe) this approach to the piano can bring the piano into your creative repertoire relatively easily (compared to most approaches, certainly).

      In the first few weeks of this course, you’ll build the foundation for connecting with your creative source energy. (Sounds like you have a lot of experience with that, but more practice can always nurture something new, right?)

      With that well-rooted, you’ll begin seeing that it is not only possible but surprisingly easy to apply that grounding in intuitive connection to the piano.

      Please feel to ask any other questions or post comments here or in the Vibe Tribe in the “Online course connections” space. (That space is well-suited for connecting with others who have also signed up for the course.)

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