Hey everybody, I woke up at 3:00 this morning amazed and excited about the prospects for what we’re creating together.

I trust you’ve all heard of pronoia (the opposite of paranoia!), that everything in the universe is conspiring in your favor.   Feels like that’s what’s happening for us in this time.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your 

deep gladness and

the world’s deep hunger


Frederick Buechner

In response, we have some profoundly deep gladness to offer in this collection of souls on this Your Music, Your Way summit. I’d like to introduce each of them to you here on this private page.  (This page won't be made available to the public.)

So this is your virtual "Green room."  Do you fancy the wallpaper?  Oh well, have a snack, relax and introduce yourselves to the rest of the circle in the comments section below.

I'm so grateful that each of you agreed to contribute to this effort.  This is the container we’re creating. It is powerful and beautiful as each of us shows up and offers our piece.

In the midst of this process, we can, as music, let go of whatever holds back the beauty and releases the gifts available for offering in the present.

Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah beautifully articulates the various ways the mystical teachings throughout the ages melds seamlessly with what we have learned from modern science.  He incorporates this wisdom in his work with groups of people using the primordial power of sound, intentionally applied, to bring coherence and harmony to bear.  As he says, sound has “always been a way to connect, to explore, to invite or invoke the divine.”  The challenge involved in Zacciah’s life story, the choices he has made, and the way he has incorporated mindful sound-making for his own healing and for community-building may be inspiring and encouraging for all of us as seek ways to move forward through this challenging existence together and in more harmony with each other and with nature.

Mandara Cromwell

Mandara’s perspective integrates the mystical, scientific and technological in an unusual and intriguing way.  Her childhood presented her with divine connections in the reverberations and images in her family’s Catholic cathedral.  Devoted to a mystical path, she also felt compelled to find ways to articulate the essence of her experiences to others.  She was told about a particular teacher along the way, a doctor, who performed seemingly incredible healings with sound.  Her contribution to this conversation is a profoundly powerful testament to why sound itself is a primordial force that, when used mindfully, is capable of much more than we tend to think.

Jerry Donoghue

Jerry’s gifts to this conversation run deep, and as my oldest friend in Asheville NC, I could go on and on…  To be much briefer than is fair, I’ll simply share here with you that Jerry has created a method for us deeply challenged humans to learn how to communicate with the different, and often competing, aspects of ourselves in deeply respectful and compassion ways.  The hardest part, seemingly in so many of the realms touched on in the summit, is learning to listen more deeply and with more genuine care.

Mark Romero

Mark’s story is worth hearing not only because he is such an engaging and inspiring guy, but also because so many people these days can probably find pieces of themselves in his story.  Following the career path handed down to him, he was successful and prosperous on the outside, but he brushed aside his inner voices for years before finally listening more deeply.  His story of resistance to his truth resonates in us all, and what he has to share on multiple levels about the gift of music as metaphor and method can illustrate to anyone watching his interview how they too might take their own next steps forward for themselves and those they love.

John Stuart Reid

John’s work is making waves (sorry, don’t blame me, it just came through and I’m just being a devoted follower) as he pioneers the field of sound-made-visible, aka Cymatics.   A conversation I had with him at a Sound Healing conference in Santa Fe sometime around 2006 or so affected my entire perception about the potential difference we make without realizing it.  His contribution to this summit is solid, his work scientifically replicable, and his vision transformative.  Be sure to see it.  (okay, be sure to see ALL of them.  But especially this one….  and each of the rest… 😉

Silvia Nakkach

Silvia Nakkach, a stunningly gifted vocalist, teacher and wise woman who has spent her time on the planet bringing divinity to bear through her exquisite music and through guiding other souls to do likewise.  Her background in Brazilian and traditional Indian music brings a deep awareness and facility that only music can begin to convey. 

It is this quality that personifies the heart and spirit of this summit.  That there are some aspects of living and of truth that only sound can adequately communicate.  It is one thing to know intellectually that music is the universal language.  Silvia, along with yourself in your own ways, shows us what it can look like (SOUND like!), to bring that awareness to bear most powerfully and lovingly in this most potent time.

Pamela Bruner

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Eileen McKusick

Eileen is a master of listening and a scientist in the most essential meaning of the word.  She observes reality and maps it so that it can help to guide the rest of us as we proceed. She does this in the context of deep healing work with individuals, and she is also dedicated to getting the word out about what she has been discovering in her incredible work.

Gary Malkin

Gary began his relationship with the piano in the most natural and organic of ways.  The story he shares on his interview is intriguing and delightful. And his accomplishments as an improviser, composer, speaker and  “music and health innovator” are only hinted at by his multiple Emmy awards.  It is impossible to measure the impact any of us has from any single interaction.  So much more so through the music Gary has brought into the world.  And his ability to articulate the experience and the blessing of improvising is worth hearing and sharing widely.

Billy Jonas

Billy has been “bangin’ and sangin’” to the wise and playful children inside all of us for many years.  His numerous musical contributions draw on daily delights and challenges while bringing insights and perspectives from multiple spiritual traditions. In addition to bringing dazzling creativity to his songwriting and performing, his career is steeped the vision of including everyone in the music and the music-making.  This is one of the central ideas of the summit, that we are ALL musicians, and that the task is simply to play our right part in the band.

Chloe Goodchild

Chloe is a master teacher of using the voice as an innately provided instrument that is inarguably the most intimate of all possible sonic expresssions available to us.  (And conveniently, much easier to haul around than a keyboard!) That said, the way she describes the power of listening and of silence is something no to be missed.  Just another example of why this particular combination of speakers is so extraordinary, and the power of the overall message so rich when all are singing in this kind of harmony.

“So, what I'm learning is about the extraordinary power of listening to transform the way that we communicate with each other.”  Chloe Goodchild

Dr. Toni Galardi

A psychotherapist, author, speaker and coach, Toni’s work with many famous and highly successful people in the entertainment world in California starkly reveals how we can miss the mark in our lives when we subvert our soul voice to misaligned and inharmonious influences.  Also as an astrologer, she brings to the conversation a cosmic perspective on way in which our experience of time compression is now calling us to release old notions of “I’ll save that till later” and to step into the full-on offering of our gifts in this critical moment.

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox, the amazing scholar and modern prophet who has spent decades integrating and articulating the essence of spiritual traditions from around the globe and across millennia.  Having worked for several years on a DMin at Matthew’s University of Creation Spirituality, I see in his work the potential to transform (or reinvent, as he says) Christian tradition by going deep into its roots.

Stephen Schwartz

Stephen’s multi-faceted work is a deep dive into the nature of quantum reality as well as a careful and scientifically disciplined extrapolation of implications and recommendations for individuals and groups interested in making a positive difference as we proceed forward together.  Steeped in both scientific rigor and visionary motivation, Schwartz’s contribution to this summit is a compelling demonstration of how we humans can take what we learn about reality and incorporate its lessons into our thinking as we turn to create the future we most want to see.

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