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Live Musically in 90 Days:

Piano Improv for the Essential Skill

Congratulations for investing in this potential!

You're registered for one of the most unique and innovative personal development programs available anywhere.

(And one of the coolest features is you'll be learning to improvise on piano as you go!)

There's a lot in store here, including creative enjoyment, musical expansion, and you may find other areas of your life shifting in unexpected ways, as well!

Look for resources in the coming days for helping you

  • get oriented to the program schedule, sessions, written materials, and community events you have access to,
  • get your credentials for accessing the community portal, and 
  • begin getting oriented to the various resources and support systems that are now available to you.

I know this represents a significant investment and that it is no small thing to put your faith in me and in the SoundYourSelf method.

I don't take that lightly.

I trust you've made this investment because of your deep desire to access, more consistently and reliably, your true potential for living in fuller awareness, flexibility, resourcefulness, and creativity than you ever have before.

I'm honored to support you in your expansion, and I'll do my best to nurture you in your authentic musicality as you proceed.

Welcome to this magical journey!
If you're not playing, it's not working!!!

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find and open the email with this subject line:

"Here's your invite to the Vibe Tribe portal for the SoundYourSelf community"

click on...

"Access the SoundYourSelf Experience in the Vibe Tribe" 

to  set up your account and access the SYS Experience course area.

(Please use the same email address you used when you purchased the coaching package.)

That's it. Enjoy!!