Soundscapes of Stillness:

Discover the Art of True Listening

Welcome to the art of pure listening—experience your environment anew, cultivating mindfulness and mental clarity.

This is a 15 minute meditation that invites you to drop in to the present moment along with the profound mystery of sound. 

Listening Meditation

Enjoy a different experience of sound (and space/time!)

Heightened Mindfulness

Cultivate present-moment awareness as you immerse yourself in the sonic sea you swim in, noticing how your mind labels and colors reality. The possibility of deeper levels of mindfulness and connection present themselves.

Expanded Perception

Broaden your sensory horizons by engaging with the tapestry of ambient sounds in a way that challenges conventional perception, enhancing your ability to experience the world with fresh ears and an open mind.

Mental Clarity

Achieve mental clarity as this practice helps you step back from the habitual thought patterns and judgments that cloud your experience, leading to clearer thinking and a more authentic engagement with life.

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