I Am Sound, LLC 

Core Values

  • Spirited fun!
  • There is always a way.
  • Every moment is an opportunity to create something beautiful.
  • The only limit is our imagination.
  • Every negative contains the seeds of creative potential.
  • Every moment is a catalyst for change
  • There is beauty in the unseen, the strange, and in the unexplainable
  • Integrity matters
  • Every soul a musician, every mind plays along, every body an instrument, every heart a song.
  • We are all mystics, prophets, and musicians
  • We all have the capacity for harmonious relationship with the natural world
  • We support authentic, courageous expression
  • The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

IAS Purpose

  • To think globally, and act musically.
  • To invoke and play the music of our nature, replenishing harmonic resonance in all our relations.
  • To inspire and play the transformative healing power of music.
  • To bring us back to OurSelves. Who We ARE.
  • To enhance the lives of customers and employees one encounter at a time.
  • To facilitate deep blessings through loving change.

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