live webinar

Change One Thing, Change Everything

The Piano Improvisation Path to Your Personal Treasure and Total Transformation

APRIL 14th

11:00 am ET

The replay is available until Sunday at midnight (New York time)

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Your creativity is innate

You’ve heard for years about the power of a paradigm shift for opening possibilities you hadn’t considered before.

This is a paradigm shift in the way you perceive the piano, your creative potential, and, essentially, everything else as well.

See with new eyes, hear with new ears!

For such a shift to take place, it’s helpful to let go of as much as possible from the “old” way of seeing and doing things.

You’ll learn that that process doesn’t have to be as gut-wrenching as you’ve imagined and experienced before.

In this webinar, we break things down to the basics.

Why 12 Keys w Ease involves: NO Theory, NO Chords or Scales Practice, NO Written Notes or Memorization, NO Traditional Pedagogy, and... NO Note Names!

You’ll learn you can be expressing your own creative genius without knowing or practicing chords or scales, without knowing theory or how to read music, and without even having to learn note names!

This is a completely right-brain approach to the piano, and it will blow your mind how easy it is, and how strange you've never heard of it before, even if you've been studying piano pegagogy all your life. (And if you HAVE heard of this, please let me know!!!!)

A method and a metaphor

You’ll learn how sound improvisation is both an enjoyable thing to learn and do during your day, and a way to learn more deeply about yourself.

Both of these can be profound, and the implications for a more enjoyable life are limitless!

The joy and juju of improvisation on piano

Amazingly, such deep and powerful work -can- proceed through a new and unique process called SoundYourSelf that makes it possible for you to play your heart out(!) on the piano and have fun in the process.

It's possible to experience the piano as ally and friend

You’ll learn you can soon be approaching the piano as an ally and friend, rather than an intimidating opponent to conquer into submission.

This may be the best part.  You'll learn you can ENJOY sitting at the piano as a place of refuge, of trust, honesty and intimacy.  The piano can become a treasured BFF!

Your direct line

More and more of us are aware that we have a direct line to the Divine. But we are still often terrified of accessing it.

This is a practice that can nurture and strengthen that relationship with the cosmic creative energies that you are embedded in.

You can learn to build that relationship more consciously and with more joy and delight when you follow a path designed for that purpose.

Piano as a simulator for navigating uncertainty

You'll discover how navigating the piano can be a way to learn to navigate uncertainty with confidence and ease. 

And that learning the 12 Keys with Ease technique opens the door to these deeper levels of your experience and capacity.

Having access to that space inside

Since this there's a much more calm energy that I have access to and that really helps me to know that whatever situation that I'm in, whatever key that I'm in, whatever rhythm is happening, that I can always listen first and then feel, you know, and then join, you know, integrate. And it's really, really neat to have access to that space inside of myself.

Meg Heathman Musician

Lifelong dream might be possible after all!

A light bulb went off in my brain, tears came to my eyes, and I clapped for joy to realize that a life-long dream of playing the piano without being tied to the printed page of music just might be possible after all, despite years of lessons!!!

Anne McKenzie

About Daniel

Sonic Presence Coach

Daniel led a wedding/dance band for over 10 years, performed with Asheville Playback Theatre (improv actor and musician), and has been a social worker, quantitative social research scientist, video producer and political activist.

Throughout his life, Daniel Barber has been stubbornly engaged in experimenting with ways to make the world a better place. 

These days he works primarily with people who yearn to nurture their neglected gifts, embody their deeper purpose and fully inhabit their true place in the world.  He has created a 6-phase process called TAP the Flow that integrates mindful awareness practices with a game-changing music improvisation modality to help them connect with, own and express their natural genius in all areas of their lives.