A Medley of Presence, Sound, and Curiosity

Unearth your resonance with piano
Would you like to dive into your natural musicality?

Making a decision

of this magnitude is not easy.  

Among other things you may be wondering whether this program is worth the money or your time, or whether you can trust the program (or me) to deliver on such a bold promise as transforming your life through and through.

Perhaps more challenging still

is whether you trust yourself to follow through on the work and the practice (even though it's only 10 min/day, 5 days/wk), and whether you still might be disappointed and experience failure.

Of course, there's no way to know any of these kinds of things for sure for sure. 


The cool part in this is that this possibility I'm presenting you with, among the panoply of personal development programs out there these days, is a process specifically designed to give you tools...

to be more confident and resourceful in the midst of the unknown.

And so no wonder the experience of considering and engaging with SoundYourSelf is in itself a journey into the unknown!

The question boils down to 

the direction you want to go in your life, and how valuable you feel it would be to have the experience of this deep (and fun!) learning lab for navigating the unknown with mastery, grace, and ease.

Powerful -and- fun, and in a year you'll have had a year's experience learning to improvise your own heart and soul on piano.  This, and all the rest, you can nurture and enjoy for the rest of your life.

I hope that's helpful in clarifying what the possibility is and what your choice is about.  And, at the heart of it, I'm about supporting your own intuition, your heart, and your wisdom.  So I do and will support your clear decision one way or the other.

3 main coaching options (+ some variations)

You can select among 3 main one-on-one private coaching packages:

The core SYS framework

This immersion covers the primary areas of the SoundYourSelf approach.  When you complete this series, you will have a basic working familiarity with the essential components of SoundYourSelf method. 

You will be able to improvise on the piano in all 12 keys with confidence and ease, and you will have experience taking what you notice at the piano and bringing that with you to other areas of your life.

Our minds are captivated by complexity.  Our bodies and souls are moved by rhythm.  

This immersion covers the primary areas of the SoundYourSelf approach plus adding 2 months of rhythm focus up front. 

To drop into our own core nature, and to play music that ultimately moves ourselves and others, it's vital to experience and befriend the primordial power of pure rhythm without the distracting draw of complication, complexity, and detail.

This in itself can be a total game-changer!

SYS framework
solid grounding in rhythm
2 months
1st half of the SoundYourSelf framework

If the SYS 4-mo and 6-mo packages are unworkable right now, you can test the waters with a 2-mo option identical to the 1st 2 months of the 4-month package.

All of these packages are available online via Zoom or in-person (in the Asheville/Burnsville NC area) and the pricing varies accordingly.  

(If you would like to consider a mixture of online and in-person sessions, we offer half online and half in-person options as well.)

If you're ready to embark on this fun and potentially life-changing adventure with me and SoundYourSelf, select the option below that works best for you.

Regardless of where your clarity or uncertainty leads you, many blessings to you (and to all of us) going forward.

Private coaching

2 months

1st half of the SYS framework




(In-person $1047)

  • 3 60-min sessions per month for 2 months
  • all online sessions
  • Vibe Tribe community membership (paid for during the 2 coaching months)
  • members-only content on Vibe Tribe
  • access to bi-weekly group Q&A calls
  • access to online instructional videos (videos searchable by text, transcripts included)
Private coaching

4 months

The complete SYS framework




(In-person $1947)

  • all from SYS 2-mos online, except...
  • 3 60-min sessions per month for 4 months
  • Vibe Tribe community membership (paid for during the 4 coaching months)
Private coaching

6 months

The complete SYS framework

+ 2 months focused entirely on rhythm




(In-person $2697)

  • all from SYS 4- months online, except
  • PLUS 2 months up front grounding in rhythm (hand drum and/or percussion instrument recommended but not required)
  • Vibe Tribe community membership (paid for during the 6 coaching months)

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