The Basics

Hi ,

Based on your responses, your score (on a scale of 50 - 180) is .  With that score, your Primary mode is...

 Perceiving / Being / Doing

and your Essential Edge is

Awareness of Other

You tend to notice things and people around you and you are unusually sensitive to resonance and dissonance in your environment.

You generally pay very close attention to your circumstances.

You often operate at a pace that matches the energy level of your surroundings.

You are naturally inclined to listen and learn.  While that isn’t always highly valued in the culture, it is a deep blessing that nurtures you as you connect more deeply with yourself and your creativity.

What is this blessing, particularly as it relates to your aptitude and capacity for creative growth and development?

The Gift

You have an unusually well-suited capacity to connect with new and deeper sources of wisdom, inspiration, and possibility.

What you learn early

  • Strength
  • Resilience
  • Faith



Being open to Other can be challenging and can leave you feeling vulnerable, uncertain, and deeply uncomfortable.

Sometimes you find yourself aligning with the pace, energy, beliefs and paradigms of those around you.

But if you make it through, the other side of those challenges can be revelatory and transformative.

Then you have internal resources available you couldn’t have gotten any other way.

These resources, along with your expanded compassion, become a source of inspiration, ideas, and offerings for you and everyone you share them with. 


Curiosity is a switch you can consciously turn on that has the potential to change everything for you going forward.

It opens the "frame" of your perception, liberates your mind into an orientation of allowing and expands your world. 

Curiosity is the key to unlocking the portal of potential. 

When you are curious, you instantly allow for the possibility of something new to enter and for your life to grow. 

Curiosity is the seed of the creative endeavor.


Not only is this connective capacity deeply life-affirming, it’s also potent for creative potential.

The first step in being genuinely creative is paying attention and listening.

From there, everything emerges.

Most people, oddly enough, manage to skip over this first step (habitually, without even noticing).

As a result, they often fail to reach their creative potential.

Your natural inclination to listen first can serve you well as you proceed to develop the other parts of your own creative being. No matter how well developed those other parts may become, it is always vital to come back to listening.

Fortunately for you, that part comes relatively easy, and can continue to as you navigate your creative growth edge.

‘Tis a blessing!

Challenge / Opportunity

Awareness of Other

One of the benefits of your type is you know a LOT about Other!

As you are keenly aware of what’s going on around you, you have a lot of insight into ideas for expressing yourself so you can be heard and received as you most want to be.

That said, there are two main areas that can impede your growth and progress in reaching your potential if you neglect them too much for too long.

One area for your attention is your relationship with yourself. 

If you become overly dependent on Other for your well-being, it gets harder and harder to maintain healthy relationships.

.The other (related) area is your willingness and ability to express yourself effectively,

By attending to these two areas, you can have less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in a more resonant and harmonious relationship with Other.

Both have to do with your connection with yourself and your ability and willingness to express yourself in ways that satisfy and fulfill your heart’s desire.


The challenge you have is in paying the kind of close attention to yourself as you pay to Other.

Not only do you have the opportunity attend to yourself, but also care about yourself in the same way you care about others around you.

Do you give other people more slack than you give yourself?  Is your self-talk as kind as it would be to someone else?

Do you give yourself the benefit of the doubt in the same kinds of ways you offer that to others?

These are some of the possibilities that you can now explore and nurture further.

For now, simply notice how your body responds in different circumstances, with different thoughts, and different responses. 


Another challenge you have that is related to your connection with yourself is self-expression

As it is a blessing to know as much as you do about Other, that can also make it harder to allow yourself to step up and express yourself honestly.

As you develop a more conscious, compassionate connection with your body and your emotional world, you nurture creative capacity that emerges naturally from your compassionate heart.

Now what?

Remember that...

...your Essential Edge, "Awareness of other," is a precious gift that can serve you well. can refine this natural gift further for ever better results.

Pay attention to...

...what is going on around you in your local environment.  What are the sounds that you're hearing?  What is the energy of the space you're in? your body feels in any given moment.  Even when you're busy, stressed, overwhelmed, bring your attention to your physicality.  

...what you say to others and to yourself during the course of the day.  Everything you think, say, and do affects your spirit and your body.  Be kind with yourself.

To navigate your day well, everything works better when you're in synch energetically, emotionally, and physically.  

Your body is fully engaged in integrating everything you're experiencing during the course of your life, your week, and your day.  Pay attention.

Notice when... see something around you but you pass it off too quickly. Consider a different response. feel something in your body that feels off.  Consider making that feeling a higher priority and doing something about it.

... you have something to say but you hold back. Consider new options for when you speak up and when you stay quiet.  

Reconfigure your habitual pattern and bring more choice into each opportunity to express yourself.  That doesn't necessarily mean to always speak. Just bring more genuine choice to the situations you find yourself in.

Learn why...

... most people don't realize their potential, and the essential skill for unleashing it.

Your "Perceiving" nature offers several unique advantages over the other Essential Edge types in pursuing your deep creativity and accessing and expressing your unique and precious gifts.

Learn what these are and how to take best advantage of them.  Also explore how you can work with the underloved parts of yourself so you can move toward become the person you know you're capable of becoming!

Develop new...

... practices to reconfigure and realign yourself so your inclinations, your intentions, and your habits synch up easily with each other.

Creative practices can be fun and fulfilling when they open doors to new possibilities for having the life you most want to live.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed it!

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