We normally don't allow ourselves the joys or the gifts of looking at the underlying root of things.

We often find more intrigue and value by looking at the sophisticated complications of things, believing that's where we will find the most value that can carry us forward more efficiently or effectively.

However, sometimes it's more helpful to go back to the beginning and pay attention more carefully...

Welcome to an atypically primordial consideration of The Music from a primordial, fundamental perspective.  You'll be presented with a context for this work that you may find unusual and yet also helpful.  

Sometimes context itself can make all the difference.

You'll also hear about the theme for this module that your perspective is unique, legit, and essential.  What a wonder it can be to let that idea soak into your bones!

We'll be doing a deep dive into this precious gift of yours and exploring musical expression in the way that comes only through you.

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