The Music – Practice

In this lesson, we begin to nurture a deeper relationship with your truth and the source of inspiration and creativity. Through two simple practices, you will deepen your understanding and connection with your unique viewpoint.

First, do the listening meditation (presented in the video and attached below on this page), noticing the sounds you hear and notice how you respond to them. 

Then, take a few minutes at the piano to play simply and observe your reactions and thoughts.

This begins to invite you into the space of sound-making with mindfulness.  It’s a way of “practicing presence at the piano.” 

Embracing your perspective is essential in improvisation.

By connecting with the truth of your experience, you can infuse your music with authenticity and inspiration.

How might you tap into deeper levels of flow, wisdom, and support in your life going forward?

How might that help you unlock new possibilities for personal growth and fulfillment?

As you engage in these practices, pay attention to your discoveries, insights, aha’s, and learnings (DIALs). They can be invaluable in your musical journey. By committing to this practice, you open yourself to accepting guidance on, and taking tangible steps toward, your own dreams and desires.

By connecting with your own life energy in a flowing and musical way, the things you want in your life and the things you want to share can come more easily.

Take this opportunity to explore your perspective, tap into deeper levels of creativity, and embark on a transformative musical journey. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and the beautiful music that emerges from your unique perspective. See you in the next lesson!


Listening meditation

A 15 minute meditation that invites you to drop in to the present moment along with the profound mystery of sound. Blessings onward...

  1. I love the idea of welcoming back my child-self in a musical way, and
    experiencing my whole life as music!

  2. I love the notion of listening carefully to all sources of sound around you, even if they are common (or harsh or noisy, etc.) or not usually thought of as being musical. It is a way to fill yourself up with new ideas about sound – so many choices to create with! I am excited to fill my body, mind, soul in this new way to listen. I think I am beginning to realize it probably doesn’t matter what I play if I have oriented myself by listening first and letting that experience fill me up so I don’t have to worry about what my song sounds like – and just let the sounds be what they will be.

    1. Kimberly, it’s gratifying to hear you describe your engagement with this way of listening to the sounds around you as they are. And I love hearing about your excitement about this new way of listening. If your body, mind and soul can be filled by listening, you will never go hungry. 🙂

  3. Delightful meditation. I Love this course. Can you please do a test run on the GoToMeeting platform before our next Thursday session, to make sure my audio works? My email is: for setting up a trial, if possible. I would love to hear your words of wisdom and meet the group on Thursday. Thanks so very much. You are great!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the meditation and are enjoying the course, Rebecca.

      I like the idea of doing a test run to make all the communication channels are open.

      I’m still working out the details for the Thursday call, but how about if we plan to get on 10 minutes early to check the tech? Would that work?

      I’ll send a link out as soon as I figure out which platform we’ll be using.

  4. I like this listening meditation, which allows us to be in the present moment and have no judgment as to the coming sounds. It would be great if we could have it in the form of a dowloadable audio, so that we can listen to it anywhere. 😉

    1. So glad you like the meditation, Marie-Noël. And I like the idea of making that meditation available in that way. I’ll work on that…

    2. An audio version of the meditation is now available to stream or download. Just click on the “Next Session” button on this page, or go to “Listening meditation” in the right-hand column. Enjoy!

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