Call of the Drum:

Enjoining the Heartbeat of Creation For Ritual and Renewal

Date & time :

SAT June 29

12.00 Noon ET 


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What You’ll Learn...

In this call, we'll explore the power of drumming for personal growth, self-expression, and sacred ritual. You'll explore the many benefits of drumming and how it connects us with the universal heartbeat of creation. Whether you're a beginner or experienced drummer, you'll gain insights and tools to deepen your relationship with rhythm and unlock your potential as a drummer and ritual leader.

Rhythm and Reality

Sense the presence of rhythm in nature, from the cycles of the seasons to the beat of our hearts

Explore how rhythms synchronize and influence one another

Learn how drumming can help us tap into the fundamental rhythms of life and align with our own natural flow

Uncover the power of rhythm in creating a sense of connection, unity, and harmony with the world around us

Gain insights into how mindful drumming can support you in navigating the challenges and opportunities of your daily life

Drumming U

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of drumming and rhythm

Learn how drumming can help you access your inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, and intuitions

Discover the role of drumming in developing greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience

Explore the potential of drumming as a tool for personal transformation, healing, and growth

Uncover the joy and freedom of self-expression through the language of rhythm and the drum

Rhythm and Ritual

Discover the ancient roots of drumming in sacred rituals and ceremonies across cultures

Learn about the role of drumming in creating sacred space and facilitating transformative experiences

Explore the power of intention, symbolism, and myth in crafting meaningful drumming rituals

Uncover the potential of drumming to facilitate rites of passage, deep healing, and community bonding

Gain insights into the art of group drum facilitation and holding sacred space for others.

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Your Host:

Daniel Barber ("Two Trees")

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