T.A.P. the Flow

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... and welcome to this free short-course to help you TAP the nature of music within and liberate your expansive potential.

As you watch each video and go through the downloadable PDF, you’ll be learning the essential framework of the Sound~Your~Self approach to creative health.

I’m excited to be sharing this straightforward, yet revolutionary, method for teaching creativity that has so often been hijacked for various purposes other than supporting people in their own creative birthright.

Maybe this will be just the trick to either get you back to the piano (or other instrument) as you’ve so often wanted.  Or maybe it will serve to deepen and enrich your existing practice.

Either way, I hope this resource makes it possible for you to have a different quality of experience of your own creativity and presence both on your instrument and in all aspects of your life.

Here’s to your ongoing delight and enjoyment!  May you enjoy the richness of your own intuitive, creative well as you more fully inhabit your innate musicality.



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Course Structure

TAP Overview

This video introduces the three essentials to TAP the nature of music within to liberate your expansive potential.

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TAP Touchstone

Discover the first point of alignment, or how to begin assessing the extent to which you are connected to your creative source energy.  When you notice where you stand in relation to that, it's much easier to make the kinds of adjustments you may need to make internally to get realigned and "in the flow."

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TAP Apply

This video lays out the "Holy Trinity of Improv" -or- the "Three Phases of Focus."  This is a simple prescription for what to focus on as you improvise.

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TAP Practice

This video looks at the 1st step in the 7-step Tuneup, a tool describing what to DO to realign yourself with your creative source energy.  This is a reliable way to get "reconnected" when you find yourself feeling creatively stuck or blocked.  

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