Sound YourSelf on Piano 2

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and welcome to Course Two of SoundYourSelf on Piano (aka "Playing the Fields").

I welcome you wholeheartedly to this expansive experience!  This will broaden your confidence and creativity on this instrument and in all areas of your life.

If you're wondering where this course may take you, you're not alone in your wonder!  And good for you in pursuing the question with curiosity and openness.  Those are excellent first steps in creating a new path for yourself.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you in walking this new and expanding creative path!


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Both hands

In this module we take a look at the SoundYourSelf approach to dealing with your left-right hand coordination.  Instead of drills and exercises, you'll learn new ways of thinking about the situation that can release you from the kinds of self-judgments and critiques that can rob you of satisfaction in the present and can lead to discouragement down the road.


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The Lobby

Welcome to Course 2 of SoundYourSelf on Pianoand kudos for taking this next step into your creative and personal potential!

The resources below have been carefully crafted to prepare you for the best experience possible from this process.  As you know, from your experience with this already, and from so many other areas of your life, that you'll get out of this according to what you put in, so here's your chance to put in a little time and attention in exchange for some wonderful (and surprising) benefits down the road.

My commitment to you is to do all I can to ensure your success in this course and beyond.

So get ready to embark on a magical journey to explore and re-discover your natural musicality, your heartbeat, your story, your sound.


(Find these resources just below.)

1) Play the orientation video.  (link in "Module Sections" below)

2) Linger a bit on the Spelunking your musical self questions.  This tool is for your ongoing self-assessment and clarification. 

(Links to these tools are on the top left column of each of the course pages.)

3) Attend to the Sound intentions worksheet.  This will help you stay focused on your priorities as you proceed through the course.

4) And last but not least, download the SoundYourSelf Framework, which includes the 7 Step Tuneup and the 5 Point Alignment.

5) Here's the schedule for the course video delivery and all group calls.

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