SoundYourSelf Solo (Course 1)

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Welcome to the course!...

... These are some of the things that are here for you:

  • Exclusive content. We hope you'll be inspired by what you see, hear, and learn in this course.  It's all about inviting and encouraging so you can feel a deeper connection with your creative genius.  As a SoundYourSelf Solo course member, you'll get our best insights, suggestions, tips, and techniques for that in an easily accessible format you can access anytime.
  • Get results. As you dive into the content and do the practices (this is vital!), you're engaging on a path of mastery.
  • Multi-dimensional growth.  You will be developing skills and confidence on the piano you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

You will also be learning skills you can use throughout the rest of your day!  

The skills you learn on piano can serve you in many different areas of your life

As you engage the course, notice how you express yourself in all areas of your life. Be open in each moment and play yourself as musically as possible in each one.

By engaging with that mystical source within you...

... you access a deep well of resourcefulness, capability, and motivation that has been animating you






for your entire life.

As you connect with these subtle energies, you come into alignment with a deeper river of energy, inspiration, and possibility.

Welcome to a course designed to engage your curiosity about living in more musical resonance with those currents.

And always Remember...

If you're not playing, it's not working!


About the teacher


Throughout my circuitous career, I've always wondered “How do we humans get from where we are to where we most want to be?”

Now I say… one moment at a time.

So I help folks facing uncertainty to navigate it confidently (on piano and elsewhere) so they can be who they are wherever they are and effectively offer their unique and precious gifts.

Turns out sound improvisation can be revolutionary! 🎉