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12 Keys with Ease

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About this course

Welcome to your course on learning all 12 keys on piano in under an hour!  How cool is that??!!

When you watch each video and go through the downloadable PDF, you’ll know all you need to know to begin improvising on the piano, in any key, with confidence and ease.

I’ve been blessed to discover this extremely simple method for teaching what has been, until now, a much more laborious process.

Maybe this will be just the trick to either get you back to the piano like you’ve so often wanted to.  Or maybe it will serve to deepen and enrich your existing practice.

Either way, I hope this resource makes it possible for you to have a different quality of experience of your own creativity and presence both at the piano and in all aspects of your life.

Here’s to your ongoing delight and enjoyment!  May you enjoy the richness of your own intuitive, creative well as you more fully inhabit your innate musicality.




Course Structure

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What are The Fields?

This video introduces the basic, simple structure of this “12 keys with ease” method.

The four types of keys

This video introduces the four types of keys, and also describes the first type of key to whet your appetite… ?

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