Discover 6 ways you are Choking your musical creativity

You picked up these things because you are a good learner and they are helpful in some circumstances. 

But now.....

  • it's time to STOP behaving habitually,

  • it's time to try new strategies, and

  • it's time to expand your freedom, inspiration and creative flow.

Download this short PDF for some 

surprising but transformative tips.

It came together and I improvised a piece that brought tears to my eyes, because it 'played me', I was just there experiencing music come through.

Simply magical.

Paul Heumiller

This has been just the right amount of challenge and nurturing to help illuminate other places where I was like ‘Oh gosh, I really need to grow over here too.’ …   


Meg Heathman

Daniel Barber

These things blocked me from playing music for myself and others for over 20 years.  Don't wait any longer to enjoy your musical birthright!

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