To and Fro

In the beginning
I want to do this. I think it’s a good idea and I’ve been batting it around for about 10[...]
Showing up for The Tipping Point
Are we just tiny cells with an arrogant delusion that we can make a significant difference within massive Gaia being,[...]
What if the thing the world needs most… you??? You know, the YOUyou've always knownyou are.I saw a video on Facebook this morning of someone on a snowcapped ridge[...]
Optimism, advocacy, connection
I got out of the car to go into Earth Fare last night thinking about Robyn Paulete's FB post about[...]
Listen, Feel, Play – It’s not just for piano improv
Just got back from a dog walk, amused by the way in which one alpha can shift to... beta? (non-alpha?[...]
In the beginning
Part of my amazement was how easily the shockingly life-changing was embedded so smoothly in the familiar. I mean, that’s[...]
They were singing, was I deep listening?
Think just a minute on the last time you had one of those “nature moments.” It might have been literally[...]
Being and Doing
  These days I'm playing with a new way to dance with being and doing.  So often it's a tug-of-war[...]

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