About  Daniel

Well, I was born in a...

Okay, won't go there. This'll be quick and to the point.

  1. I spent my childhood and early adulthood trying to learn how things are done. 
  2. I spent the early part of my adulthood trying to do them differently.
  3. I’ve spent the past couple of decades unlearning what I knew. 

Now I know I'm in trouble when I start thinking I know something that doesn't align completely with love.  And since love seems to be the the ultimate reassurance and the ultimate mystery, I'm getting much better with letting the knowing go and getting on with the doing.

Simple and Enlivening!

As to some of the things I've been doing in the last few years....

In my time leading the Jubilee! Community World Beat Band and playing a LOT of different kinds of music, it's been fun and amazing to weave secular popular music into the sacred space of the Jubilee! celebrations.

Through this melding of the secular and sacred, and through the simple and profound power of music, we're invited, cajoled, toe-tapped and hip-wrangled into the surprising, mind expanding and heart opening experience of the Divine in everything.

Before that, I moved to Asheville in 1997 and reconnected with my musical roots by picking up and starting to play African drums.

For several years, beginning around 2000, I drummed for several weekly African dance classes and learned a ton about how rhythm all by itself, inspires bodies to move, which then inspires drummers to drum all the more!

For quite a few years I helped facilitate the infamous Friday night Asheville drum circle that continues to draw hundreds of spectators, sometimes inspiring them to become participants.

Drumming in Pritchard Park

It still fascinates me how the simple act of playing a drum pulls people towards it.  It's like... hmmm, maybe it's not a metaphor, maybe it IS the heartbeat of our larger consciousness, sending lifeblood through the community, our larger body, that literally provides wholeness, wellness, Life itself.

I took this love of play and my passion for justice and healing and took it into improvisational music and acting with Asheville Playback Theatre.  Being onstage and creating live improvisational theatre was scary at first, but ultimately exhilarating, deeply rewarding (as with the best of most creative edges) and opened the possibilities for deep healing in some incredibly surprising and powerful ways.

In 2003 I formed the upbeat band Current Invention, which brings together some of Asheville’s finest musicians and vocalists to play for weddings, celebrations, conferences and fundraisers in the Western North Carolina area.  That is a totally different kind of spontaneous experience, since we're playing music that everybody already knows well and there's the desire to render the songs faithfully to the original.  There the awareness is connecting with the other musicians and with the audience in a way that the spirit of celebration is invited in and let loose for all our benefit!  Great fun to rock out on Old Time Rock and Roll yet again, it just soothes my soul...

So my career path has taken me through social work, research design, statistics, policy and program evaluation, video production and music.

Quite a circuitous route, for sure…

…but each of these have left bread crumbs that have led me to my current work of helping you find fun, joy and satisfaction connecting to and expressing yourself more fully through music and movement.

Thanks for being here!  I have some cool ideas, opportunities and possibilities to share...


Passionate about wanting to make the world more fair from early on, I embarked on a career in social work and applied social research to help shape the world through systematic, rational analysis and action.  My activism became more inspired and engaged in the '90s and I spent much of my time working toward public financing of elections and toward abolishing the death penalty. Around 2000 I started shifting my career orientation toward music.  That doesn't really need a why, now, does it?!?!  The expressive power of music is incredibly gratifying and rewarding and it facilitates a wealth of unexpected and profound transformational processes that continue to delight and amaze me.


January, 2015 to Present

I Am Sound, LLC (Owner)

Offering music, sound healing and music-facilitated coaching for individuals, groups and organizations wanting to enhance their creativity, flexibility, communication and their authentic power.

November, 2001 to Present

Jubilee! Community (Instrumental Coordinator)

Play piano and lead the 5- to 7-piece World Beat Band for Sunday morning celebrations. We do a wide variety of styles including jazz, latin, blues, rock, pop, gospel, celtic, reggae and african rhythms (www.JubileeCommunity.org).

2005 to Present

Private piano and handdrum lessons

April, 2003 to 2015

Current Invention (Bandleader)

Bandleader and co-leader for a 3- to 8-piece ensemble that plays a wide variety of jazz standards, classic rock, R&B, etc. for weddings and other special events. (www.CurrentInvention.com)

Drum-circleFall, 1999 to Present


Play the caixa (snare drum) and repique in the Afro-Brazilian percussion and dance group, Zabumba.  An annual highlight to play high-energy samba for the Asheville Mardi Gras parade and the LEAF festival.  Drum for traditional African dance classes and help facilitate the Friday night drum circle in Asheville’s Pritchard Park.


January, 1991 to 2006

New Context Video Productions (Owner / Producer)

Video production specializing in promotional and advocacy videos for socially and environmentally progressive nonprofits.


Research programmer (1984 – 1988)

Computing Center – University of North Texas


DMin candidate (2004 – 2008)

Creation Spirituality                             University of Creation Spirituality – Wisdom University

PhD candidate (1988 – 1990)

Sociology                                   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Master of Science (1984)

Applied Social Research                                    Texas Christian University

Bachelor of Social Work (1979)

Social Work                                                       University of Texas at Austin

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