In 45 mins, you could be Playing your heart out on piano (in all 12 keys) FREE.

Courting the muse

Daniel, like many passionate and creative people (including you, perhaps?), defies simple description not only because of his breadth of talents and abilities, but also because of his broad range of passions and interests.

He loves to express himself through instrumental and vocal songwriting, through playing soulful music in collective celebration and ritual, and through helping people connect with and express their own musical genie!


“Do not neglect your music.  It will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you.”

Thomas Jefferson


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You can be more sound, yourself!

Do you ever wish you would get back to that musical instrument you played as a kid or break on out and sing more? Would you like to connect more deeply with your intrinsic musical nature? When you do so, you more easily access your inspiration and creative genius, and enhance your ability to interact with others in all aspects of your life.

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Daniel's music coming out of the pouch...

On this album, Marsupial Road Trip, Daniel offers his poetic and musically diverse perspective in a nourishing soup of soulful spices, hot rhythms and sweet harmonies served up to make your world more vibrant and numinous, brimming with possibility.

       Blog: "To and Fro"

Showing up for The Tipping Point

Are we just tiny cells with an arrogant delusion that we can make a significant difference within massive Gaia being, or are we actually more powerful than we’ve allowed ourselves to imagine?People who study complex systems like ecosystems, markets, etc. point out that systems often go through long periods of gradual change. Then at some …

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What if the thing the world needs most… you??? You know, the YOU you’ve always known you are. I saw a video on Facebook this morning of someone on a snowcapped ridge top that looked about four–five feet wide at the most with drop-offs on both sides that would have had wing-suit jumpers howling in delighted anticipation. The only thing that kept my heart from …

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Optimism, advocacy, connection

I got out of the car to go into Earth Fare last night thinking about Robyn Paulete’s FB post about activating our optimism muscles.  I was remembering many of my African American friends from Fort Worth, Austin, Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro and Asheville from whom I’ve learned so much throughout my life. I felt the sense …

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Listen, Feel, Play – It’s not just for piano improv

Just got back from a dog walk, amused by the way in which one alpha can shift to… beta? (non-alpha? anything-but-alpha? who me—alpha?) in the presence of another. My charge went bounding after a dog clear across the park as if, upon arrival, they would both go flying across town from the sheer momentum of …

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In 45 mins, you could be Playing your heart out on piano (in all 12 keys) FREE.

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“When you think

you understand,

keep listening.”

People respond to

"Playing the Fields"